अलग करना Meaning in English

take apart disconnect separte dispense with break apart exclude sperate singling out disengage sever taking apart separate sunder wean lop off
disseverance severance removes takedow takedown discard takedowns discards isolation remove isolations isolatio stripping
unblocks redifferentiating uncouple singling out disjoin sequesters differentiating reserve abstract repudiates demount mask sundering discarding precluded disjoints quarentene unbolt single out differentiant remove unblocked sequester abstracts insulating sunder disassembles masks disjoins quarantines segregates detaches relinquish segregate uncouples dissevers relinquishes supersede elinquish disarticulating insulates precule take-away take away differentiate secludes demounts quarantine supersedes disjoined unbolting dissevered relinquished uncoupled move apart disjoint shuts disarticulate distritbute reserves shut take apart bar repudiating demounted partition sunders precludes dissever quartine unbolted sequestering differentiates repudiate unblocking take (away) removes declutch differentiato sundered disassembling partitions disjointing quarantining unblock discard segregating detaching unblacked uncoupling distributes relinquishing abstracting epudiate insulate disassembled disjoining quarantined takeaway take to pieces disassemble secluding derelinquish quarter superseding unbolts dissevering relinquishers distribute shutting disarticulated guarantine seclude precluding detach reserving demounting preclude superseded discards

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