Example Of unfriendly

Again, I've found myself in a city where by comparison I start thinking that London's cold, unfriendliness where no-one looks at anyone in the eye is actually rather pleasant.

Any friendly aspect or unfriendly connection between these two is then said to reflect upon the relationship of the lovers.

environmentally unfriendly activities

Hayley seemed very distant and unfriendly , and she couldn't place her finger on why.

Heather said cotton is one of the world's most environmentally unfriendly crops because of the chemicals used by farmers.

I feel like skulking in the back row and being cold and unfriendly .

I've come to realise how unfriendly and un-approachable it must make me appear when I avoid looking at people.

I've never met such a snobbish, selfish, unfriendly , rude lot in all my life.

It has all the elements of one of his books: a cold, unfriendly world, full of horrible children.

It is generally not regarded as being as friendly as Glasgow - and that is probably true - but Edinburgh's problem is probably reserve, rather than real unfriendliness .

It refers to the unfriendly stare and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us.

It was surprisingly warm, considering the unfriendly grey skies.

London is a notoriously unfriendly place for the new arrival.

Mildred felt unfriendly toward her

My initial reaction was that he was unfriendly or unsocial, but that was far from the case.

No pranks, no unfriendly friends, no having to sit with the adults at the kitchen table, just me and my best friend.

Several friendly and unfriendly airforces were abroad, on hire to continental corporations.

she shot him an unfriendly glance

Surprised by this attitude of greed and unfriendliness , I will confess that I declined to pay.

The hall inside echoed with cold unfriendliness .

The night-life was pricey, dressy and a touch unfriendly , if I am honest.

The report criticises local planners for being unfriendly to firms offering water-based recreation.

They mean much more for the disabled children, who grow with a social stigma in an unfriendly environment.

They're an eclectic bunch, occasionally laconic but never unfriendly .

This period has been combined with an increasingly unfriendly attitude towards parents.

To protect themselves from accusations of bullying unfriendliness , these kids are really really nice to everybody all the time.

When a vicar asks a young chap why he does not like where he lives, he replies the people are unfriendly and the town is a dirty and unwelcoming place.

Which is not to say that we should create disharmony and be unfriendly with our friends and relatives, and with other people.