Example Of tryst

a moonlight tryst

Amberley Castle is surrounded by Sussex countryside, has an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts and beautiful courtyard gardens, including a rose arbour for romantic trysts .

And as usual, they have a couple of dates and run off for a romantic tryst somewhere.

But if palimony were at issue, neither of the trysters could have collected, at least not in New Jersey.

Her father discovers the tryst and immediately arranges to send Claire home.

If we were leaving to find a spot to tryst , wouldn't they expect us to do it with a little more discretion?

In the town, there was considerable sentiment for lighting the town cemetery - to make it less attractive to teen-age trysters .

Making love was supposed to bring fertility to the crops, and the yam and sweet potato gardens were popular trysting sites - as was the cave to which they took me.

The Poet's Bridge evokes thoughts of romantic trysts , languid lovers and passionate verses.

The same hour the next evening found him again at the same place; but Eustacia and Wildeve, the expected trysters , did not appear.

The two then ended up traveling and trysting together through several states.

The two timid trysters head off to the seashore to find an appropriate way to express their unspoken love.

Their trysts were varied, romantic and playful, serious and passionate.

They were then trysting places of choice for teenagers.

Together they dove for shellfish and together, shucked the meat from the shells in their trysting spot, and within a year, the empty shells formed an underwater mound in which creatures of the sea found shelter.