Example Of test

a positive test for protein

a spelling test

a useful way to test out ideas before implementation

Adrian had endured the ultimate test of strength in a man, and here he was, alive and telling it all.

And it is the daunting measuring stick to test a rower's physical capabilities.

Anticoagulation therapy was withheld unless the ultrasound test was positive.

But the original building was opened in 1867 by Bradford Corporation to test the weight and quality of wool.

Firstly the exam is to test the teacher's ability not the students.

For the Canton government, the situation was a test of both its sincerity and its strength.

four fax modems are on test

Her CV secured her an invite to an audition which would test her flexibility, strength, floor work and aerial skills.

I answered the question, took a seat, wrote the test , handed it in and left.

If the HPV test is positive for the high risk type, then the patient warrants a closer look.

It involves a series of activities designed to test the knowledge and skills of the recruits.

It is, unquestionably the greatest test of mental strength this present side has ever faced.

It was an unequalled test of courage, strength and endurance, technique being less important than character.

It was meant to be a crucial exam to test the basic skills of ambulance workers who wanted to step up the career ladder and become paramedics.

It will be a test of their strength, their mental toughness and their attitude.

Judging applicants must pass a written test , demonstrating their knowledge of these rules.

Maybe, but knowing, and knowing when to know is the true test of knowledge.

On test there was certainly very little buffeting or wind noise.

Overall, he believes the game will be a test for their reserve strength.

several trial runs were carried out to test the special brakes

Since the beast was invincible by arrow or club the contest was a test of physical strength and endurance.

such behavior would severely test any marriage

such behaviour would severely test any marriage

The test , when placed in position, forms the bed of the furnace, with the long diameter transversely.

The test is positive if both samples grow bacteria and if the catheter sample grows at least three times as many bacteria as the peripheral blood sample.

The agency has also announced sweeping measures to tag and test US cattle and other steps to boost confidence.

The best way to test a chilli for strength is to munch a bit before cooking.

The Bishop came to test us on our knowledge and woe betide the boy who failed to give an instant answer to his theological queries.

The coming years are going to be difficult, and everyone will have to assess their own business, to test its viability before proceeding.

The Dakar Rally is a serious test of endurance and adaptability.

the exam will test accuracy and neatness

The final 26 were interviewed and ranked based on their combined performance in the test and interview.

The initial investigations are a sensitive pregnancy test and ultrasonography.

The new test can identify the presence of anthrax in less than one hour instead of days.

The thyroid gland itself may be checked using a test called scintigraphy.

The year ahead will test our political establishment to the limit.

Their work aims to provide valid exposure data and to develop reliable methods to test different types of mobile phones.

They had had the element of surprise during the first attack, but now it was to be a real test of strength.

this is the first serious test of the peace agreement

This week's What's Your Decision will really test you and show you just how hard umpiring can be.

This young lad, since passing his test , has written off two cars in self inflicted accidents.

Thus a potentially useful bargain spawned a serious crisis and test of strength and will between opposed alliance systems.

To test for overheating, touch your bare wrist to the barrel, near its end.

Validity standards are based on test content, not on which groups of students take the test .

We've said in the pilot that if you have a positive test , colonoscopy must be made available within four weeks.

When fully prepared, the test is allowed to dry, and is then placed in a furnace, constructed in all respects like a common reverberator)' furnace, except that a space is left open in the bed of it to receive the test, and that the width of the arch is much reduced.

Women who have a positive test result for the human papilloma virus are also at increased risk of cervical cancer.