Example Of sterna

A roll is placed under the patient's shoulders to elevate and level his or her sternum .

After cutting the pleural membrane between the sterna and terga, it was possible to remove the entire genital apparatus with a fine-tipped forceps.

Bleeding was noted when the patient was returned to the operating room for repair of the sternum .

Brown missed time with a bruised sternum at the end of the season.

Examination of the sterna and abdomina of these crabs permitted identification of mature and immature males and females.

Figuring I'd give people fair warning before I started bruising sternums , I cleared my throat.

He suffered severe cuts and bruises and a cracked sternum .

If it divides higher than usual, it may incline to the left rising in front of the trachea above the sternum .

Imagine a straight line running from your chin to your sternum to your pubic bone.

In addition, the rib cage attaches the sternum in front to the vertebral column behind.

In great detail the differences are laid out between the male and female skull, spine, clavicle, sternum , coccyx, and pelvis.

In the supine position, the arm should be supported on a pillow to raise it above the level of the heart, which is situated about halfway between the bed and the sternum .

Lastly, place your hands on your chest, between your sternum and your collarbones.

Now this pretty young woman bears a scar more commonly seen in old men, a neat red line cut by surgeons from her collarbone down her sternum .

Surgical closure of the sternum is often accomplished with stainless steel wires, but other techniques are being investigated.

The 22-mm bullet remains lodged in his sternum .

The sternum is then divided allowing the ribs to rotate to the side a few centimeters.

The artery may obliquely cross the lower part of the trachea above the level of the sternum .

The broadness of the portunid sternum allows the appendages to project well beyond the lateral margins of the carapace and is an adaptation to the swimming habit which most portunids exhibit.

The pedestrian suffered a fractured sternum and wrists but is now recovering at home.

The second woman had dislocated her collarbone from her sternum , which rapidly began to swell.

The wires holding the sternum together are permanent, but the stitches closing the wound will gradually dissolve.

This is the spot where the bar will enter the chest cavity and rest under the sternum providing support to the reconfigured chest wall.