Example Of smash

a box office smash

a box-office smash

A call has been made for a complete overhaul of school transport safety after more than 50 children were involved in a horror smash on Friday afternoon.

a car smash

A Chapmanslade motorist lost control of his van in a snowstorm moments before he was killed in a head-on smash , an inquest heard on Monday.

a deliberate attempt to smash the trade union movement

a deliberate attempt to smash the union movement

A driver has died after a horror smash in which his car careered off a quiet country road.

a forearm smash

A smash in badminton is more like a punch in boxing than a smash in tennis.

A woman lies trapped in an upturned station wagon, numb from the impact of a car smash .

After some long serving from Christine Dunne and a great smash from Aodainn Crowe, the sides were level at 10-10.

Any humour in the retreat was abruptly shattered by the loud smash of a plate glass window by an excitable ram who was wilfully battering his head into it.

Buster Poindexter released his cover version three years later, which went on to become an international smash .

Friends of a teenager who died in a car smash have called on the driver, who disappeared after the accident, to give himself up.

Gerry Rafferty - he of the 1970s smash Baker Street - is selling up in the town before he has even moved in.

he heard the smash of glass

He threatened to smash me in the face with the grill.

Henman attacks Sanchez's serve from the outset and gets the first break of the match with a chip and charge, a deft volley and an impressive smash .

Her neighbour heard a smash and ran out to see the boys running away from his car, the window was smashed.

His large, meaty hand grabbed the lamp and he threw it at the wall, causing it to smash into a million pieces.

I also learned how to smash someone's face in with a bar, and the correct boots to wear to kick, severely damage and vandalize private property.

I would love to smash her in the face with a mallet.

If we had capsized we would have had to survive the impact of a car smash , get out, and then get to the boat.

In a separate accident two women were fighting for their lives in hospital after their car collided with another vehicle in a head-on smash in Rochdale.

In tennis, there is the forehand, the backhand, the overhead smash and the drop volley, all with a different grip.

It had been a devastating blow: until that moment she had been more than five days ahead of schedule and on course to smash the record.

Jonathan Antin is the face of the smash Bravo series ‘Blow Out’ and the name behind a line of hair care products.

Keith Moon would throw his drumsticks into the audience and Pete Townshend would smash his guitar to pieces.

Last week, two officers who worked with Rhodes testified that they saw Rhodes drive Zhao's head into the pavement and smash her in the side of the head with his knee.

Miss Ul Haq said she heard a smash , Mr Derbyshire ran into the pub and Syed was in shock.

Miss Ul Haq said Syed put his hands up to protect himself, she heard a smash and Mr Derbsyhire ran into the pub.

Neither of the friends was wearing a seat belt and they could have been watching a dashboard DVD system when the smash took place, an inquest heard.

Playoffs hockey can be blunt, like a forearm smash to the chin.

Police said the car was forced on to its side by the impact of the smash , but the driver made off when the vehicle fell back onto four wheels.

She was involved in a horrific smash , crashing into two cars which had already been involved in an accident.

Shrugging Antonio started to walk by the room when he heard the smash of something that sounded like glass.

So we may look forward once again to the forearm smash being deployed at the line-out by the master of that particular black art.

The accident rate on the Ipswich Motorway is so bad that motorists using the road have up to a 50/50 chance of being delayed because of a smash on any given day.

The Celtic defender appeared to smash Paul Fenwick across the face in a first-half clash missed by referee Alan Freeland but captured by Sky TV cameras.

The Duke took this as a good sign and attempted to walk around the Marvel once more and was met for his troubles with a forearm smash to the chest that almost knocked him off his feet.

The father-of-two was killed on June 10 in a smash with another vehicle when he was driving to Denver airport.

The Howard government was involved in a conspiracy with stevedoring companies to smash the Maritime Union of Australia several years ago.

The London production of The Producers - starring Nathan Lane on short notice - seems to be a smash .

The truck did a quick roll and landed with a crashing smash onto its side.

The worst crash in the Western Bay in 17 months claimed the lives of three men in a head-on smash near Te Puke yesterday.

There is going to be a smash ; it's too late to avoid it; let the other lot stay in the driver's seat for now.

There was a smash on the motorway this morning and so there was a lengthy delay.

There was a fast drop in temperature, a creaking sound echoed throughout the room, and then a smash .

There's a new movie based on a hit Broadway play that was based on an earlier movie about a Broadway play that's supposed to flop, but it's an unexpected smash .

they were together for an instant, and then smash it was all gone

This Friday we go straight to the train smash in New South Wales.

Two men had a miracle escape after surviving a smash which turned a car into a fireball

Two years later, the show was a smash ; it introduced dance crazes like the Bunny Hop, and Horn had received an award from TV Guide.

Various songs could make huge singles, but ‘Girl’ in particular, a rolling guitar rave as ode to summer, looks like a viable smash .

Victor braced himself, ducked and leaped to the ogre's side as the hammer crashed into the ground with a loud smash .

Woosnam is at the top of a sport that has changed enormously since he first played, a determined farmer's boy who loved to smash the ball as hard as he could.