Example Of secure

"You cling to the concepts of the spiritual world so you can feel more secure .

a secure unit for youthful offenders

Along with the past they have shared, they are secure in the knowledge that whatever lies ahead, they will face it together.

Although the hospital takes ‘sectioned’ as well as voluntary patients, it is not a secure hospital and none of the wards is locked.

And yet, despite the real and manufactured fears, Britain still seems secure .

Are you finding it harder to secure financing for your work?

As the Rangers landed they split up into their individual weapons teams and moved quickly to secure the area.

At that point, the milling about became such that it was important to get downstairs behind cipher locks and secure doors.

check to ensure that all nuts and bolts are secure

Clients must feel secure in confiding their secrets and entrusting their most personal affairs to lawyers.

Collins had a secure place in the world of bookselling.

Council officers moved in today to secure the property.

Do not put up with someone telling you it has to be really tight in order to be secure .

Durant and Tanis were in the cargo bay with the pair, helping to make sure all connections and seals were secure .

Europe is safer and more secure than ever before.

Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.

everyone needs to have a home and to feel secure and wanted

Gualtero was making sure that their tent was secure against any gusts.

He needs to be secure in the knowledge that his Mommy and Daddy are in charge.

I want a safe and secure corner, an old barrel, some wood to burn in it and a warm pair of hands to hold on to.

If carpet does get wet, it maintains its ability to create traction and secure footing.

If Microsoft can't keep your Passport data secure , then your online identify can be compromised.

If the piece is good you can be secure in the knowledge that the value will probably go up.

In their lives after Everest, their reputations as decent, honest individuals remain secure .

It takes up less room in the trunk than before and offers a very tight and secure fit when closed.

It would simply remain a secure prison for him until she was able to notify the police of his whereabouts.

Lace locks cinch and secure four mini-poles that prop up the roomy corners.

Logs ideally should be written to a very secure central log server.

Magicians can point out which of the seals that seem secure can be opened and reclosed without detection.

Marriage affords a secure environment for children, who do better in married households.

Now he has struck a funding deal with the government for the next six years, he feels secure .

Of course it would be a marriage of convenience, though you'd be financially secure for life.

Off to sleep I'd drift, feeling safe and secure knowing that my parents really did love me.

Once arrested, he was locked in the Tower of London - England's most feared and secure prison.

Once they locked they should provide secure retention against movement or accidental disassembly.

Our testers noted the shoe's superior ability to provide a springy push-off and a secure landing even on loose, rocky surfaces.

pins secure the handle to the main body

Politicians make compromises and trade-offs to secure what is in their view the best for their constituents.

Safe, secure handling from start to finish in difficult conditions

Security guards stand firmly as they secure locks and tell frequent customers like me to leave.

she remained poised and complacent, secure of admiration

She tugged at the chain again with all her might, but it remained secure .

Some will fare better than others when the kudos are handed out, but all will be secure in the knowledge that they gave it their best shot.

Subsequently, the other side also deployed nuclear weapons in quantity and made them relatively secure from attack.

That simple task wasn't easy, with his vision coming and going, but he finally managed a secure seal after the third try.

The secure business communications firm Vordel has a new global sales director.

The aim is to provide a secure environment for the conduct of online transactions.

The client feels much more in control, and is secure in the knowledge that he isn't being taken advantage of.

The client must be secure in the knowledge that the lawyer will neither disclose nor take advantage of these revelations.

The Democrats did not have a secure lock on the Irish vote.

The focus has instead switched to juveniles and the lack of secure places for hardcore young offenders.

the government is concerned to secure the economy against too much foreign ownership

The material is being held in secure conditions behind a steel door which is guarded by closed circuit television.

the official said that no airport could be totally secure

The primary recommendation is for the patient to arrive at a changing schedule that maintains a secure , odor-proof seal.

The priority for any business firm should be secure transactions.

The screws need for this step are ‘keyed’ in that once they are thumb tight, the heatsink is secure .

The sheath had a belt connected to it to secure around the waist.

The supplied bolts secure the fan firmly to the base of the cooler, and a small screwdriver will again assist slotting the bolts correctly into place.

The ultimate test as to whether a pinnacle is safe and secure is to test it to destruction.

The United States has every right to protect itself, to secure itself.

The V40 diesel may be safe, secure and economical but its running gear goes nowhere near the sportiness department.

There is a need for secure place of detentions when people are on remand.

they are working to ensure that their market share remains secure against competition

They had allegedly left Masiye unattended and failed to secure the back door of the ambulance.

They would have to forget politics and be fully behind any move that could secure their release.

This is a prototyope and the only one in the UK and is under secure lock and key in my house.

Unionists need to be reassured that their right to maintain a meaningful British identity and allegiance will remain secure .

Wrap each cake with a card stock strip and secure with tape.

You are urged to make your love relationship secure by cultivating smooth intellectual rapport.