Example Of safe

safe beach

safe verdict

a safe hit

a safe investment that produced regular income

a safe topic of conversation

A class of boys is being led through a lesson about what water is safe to drink.

All breathed a sigh of relief to see their comrades safe and sound.

And just 16 per cent felt the countryside was a safe place to walk alone.

At least the video game conferences will be safe from French cameramen.

At the very least, backup tapes need to be put in a fireproof safe on the premises every day.

Barrett installed his family on Moturoa Island, safe from any danger.

But a majority still consider the centre is not a safe place to live and business people think the town centre is not a safe place to work.

By the time the Angels players could react to the NOW live ball Pierzynski was safe at first.

Civilian employers are concerned about your welfare and want you to return home safe and sound.

Cuz let's face it, whether he's a bad guy or not, he sure as hell looks like one, and it's only sensible that we check out all the leads just to be safe .

Davis was safe when the right fielder dropped a fly ball

Deployed soldiers can rest assured, knowing their families are safe and sound back home.

During their two-hour ordeal the boys were locked in a disused safe .

eggs remain in the damp sand, safe from marine predators

For all these reasons, we consider that the jury's verdict in respect of this appellant was safe , and that her appeal must be dismissed.

For Edinburgh residents, a safe place to park the car became the main topic of conversation.

He had jumped on a plane for New York the moment he got the opportunity, and now he was safe and sound in Baltimore.

He ruled the batter out, but the runners were safe at first and second since they ran based on the call they saw made by the second base umpire.

He was staying there with her, and no one was going to move him until he saw with his own eyes that she was safe from harm.

He would be, like King Brian, a dull, safe choice for King, despite his callowness.

he's in safe hands

his world, it's safe to say, will not fall apart

hopes of her safe return later faded

I don't feel safe in this place

I find my grandkid waiting for me in the library, a safe place to hang out, where the librarians know him, and me.

I gather Piper's main requirement is a safe place to park her Porsche.

I have £50,000 and am looking for a safe investment with a high income.

I hope and pray that the friends and family who mean so much to Sherry have survived and are safe from harm.

I might try posting sketches of him up on some nearby trees with a reward offered for his safe return.

If there's one thing you can say about critics on the NBCC board, it's that they never pick the safe choices.

If you have a boat, moor it securely or move it to a designated safe place.

In addition, she said there was a need to dispel some of the myths around cocaine such as the notion that it is relatively safe and relatively clean.

It amounts to blackmail, but it was the only way to keep us safe from harm.

It didn't strike me as more American or more pressing than securing my friend a safe place to pray.

it's a safe bet she'll get the job

Kerry became the safe choice, uninspiring but solidly reassuring.

Make sure that you park in a safe place off the road and that, as you approach the scene, you will not be hit by another vehicle and that the wreckage itself will not be hit.

Manage the balance between the need to offer risk and the need to keep children safe from harm.

Many thought that Boyer should have been safe because the ball hit him after it skipped past Baker.

Mr Thos Lavery of the Garda Water Unit pointed out the importance of safe boating and water activities and how risks can be reduced.

My biggest concern as I arrived at the locker was remembering the combination to a small safe for valuables.

My original wingman waited for me at the bottom of the ladder, relieved to see me safe and sound.

Neighbourhoods were safe places where children could roam and have wide networks.

No one bill can guarantee that we'll be safe from a terrorist attack.

People still want to feed themselves and their family and be safe from harm.

Put all your valuables into the safe which most hotel rooms are equipped with.

put it in a safe place

She can leave, and fly down to a safe opening at the base of this cliff.

she's a safe pair of hands

So how do we know that our food supply and our medication is not being tampered with, and that we are safe from terrorist activity?

So the point is, there is no such thing as a safe lead in this game.

Speedier players can also try to bunt the ball and run out the throw to a base, giving basemen hard tags to ensure that they'll be safe when they reach the bag.

Systems led by nurses are safe and effective in out of hours settings.

That old anvil putter is locked away in a safe in his son's garage.

The big park is a safe place for children to wander and play around.

The original plan was to evacuate all the residents of New Orleans to safe places outside the city.

The passes are usually safe and short, leading to completions and increased confidence.

the verdict is safe and satisfactory

The world had changed; resolve was dented because now for the first time, the Americans knew that they were not safe from those who wished them harm.

There is still time to hand in photographs all of which will be returned safely to their owners safe and sound.

There's no place like home for Jays hitters, who believe no opponent's lead is safe , no matter how large.

They appeared near the stairway and kept a safe distance away.

they had returned safe and sound

They say they chose the location for its outstanding beauty and the fact that it affords a safe place for their children to play.

this food is safe to eat

This has placed property previously safe from the danger of flood at risk.

This sandy beach is safe from the danger of killer whales, who will actually launch themselves at the pebbly shore to snatch their victims.

to feel safe with sb

to get safe into port

to keep sb safe from harm

to make a bomb safe

to play a safe game

We arrived safe and sound on Thursday evening and went direct to Chester Fried Chicken for dinner.

We expect clean air to breathe, pure food to eat and safe water to drink.

we have to cross the river where it's safe for us to do so

We live with a legacy of polluted air, land, and water that need restoring to their clean, safe state.

We talked about the rumble only when a safe distance away from family members, especially younger siblings.

We took the two dogs and the cat all back and they're now safe and sound.

What we have to remember is schools are extremely safe places.

Which is a safe choice, but hardly the point of a festival about elbowing the creative boundaries a little.

Who can forget Berra's anguished leaps and protests over the plate umpire's safe call?

Win or lose, we want our girl next door back safe and sound.

With little to play for late in the season, the safe choice has been to shut it down.

With two out of every three deaths in Iraq caused by diarrhoea and respiratory infections, a safe supply of clean water is crucial to child survival.

Within the hardened shell of the isolated self, one is safe from the pain of love.

You see, Margo, most people want a job, house mortgage rates they can afford, a safe environment for their children.

You will feel more secure knowing your jewelry is safe at home than locked in a hotel safe .

your secret is safe with me