Example Of ocelot

After about ten minutes, the little ocelot returns with two plates full of steaming meat and vegetables.

An ocelot has eyes on its skin, but that is purely coincidental; the word comes from the Nahuatl word ocelotl, a jaguar.

And the black girl had been watching her with the unblinking intensity of an ocelot ever since taking her position.

As Erian had said, just as the ocelot ran off into the forest the poachers came at him, four of them.

Clearly, bobcats could survive hunting pressures better than margays and ocelots .

Durst, who once nourished his profile by toting an ocelot , would sell his clubs as soon as they got popular.

For a small donation, people receive an information packet and can ‘adopt’ one of the radio-collared ocelots .

He doesn't have big teeth so he wouldn't be able to protect himself against eagles, jaguars, and ocelots in central South America.

He paces the bow, cramped as it is, like the caged ocelot or the little peccary leashed to a cleat.

His property is ideal because it's next to the wildlife refuge that's home to the 100 ocelots remaining in the region.

I had an amazing few weeks in the rainforest with him, being shown the forest through an ocelot 's eyes.

In fact, he had a lion, an ocelot , and a boa constrictor during his playing days.

It is quite possible that TR, were he alive today, would be the proud owner of a gargantuan SUV with a custom interior made out of ocelot hide.

Near a remote salina, a brackish water hole, the tracks of ocelots and lesser anteaters dimpled the shoreline.

Roadkill has knocked an endangered cat, the ocelot , down to about 80 individuals in the U.S.

She walked over to Seria, a large ocelot , who began purring as she came near.

They say it's like the link between the small ocelot and the large cats like the lion and tiger.

This is an ocelot from Central and South America.

This spring, enjoy the sound of success - the low purr of a rare ocelot kitten.

We estimate that fewer than 100 ocelots remain in the U.S., all in south Texas.

We were studying ocelots at the time and needed chickens to lure the cats into our traps.