Example Of jaw

But the world featherweight champion knows how to control that anger, how to focus the energy of his rage on the point of an opponent's jaw .

By the end, they're just something to jaw about by the campfire.

committee work is just endless jaw

Full dentures are needed when there are no teeth left in the upper or lower jaw .

He almost died, and had to crawl his way to help despite broken bones and a shattered jaw .

He received crush injuries, a fractured skull and a broken jaw and spent 11 days in hospital.

He suffered a broken femur, broken jaw and broken cheekbone.

He suffered burns to his hands and a broken jaw , and lost ‘a considerable amount of blood’.

In 1992 Gareth was offered the chance to have his jaw reconstructed, using bone from his leg, at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford.

It was feared that he may have brain damage and his injuries included broken ribs, a broken jaw , a punctured lung and shattered nerves in his right arm and right leg.

Mr Napier said the man suffered a broken nose, a broken jaw and a suspected fractured skull.

My cousin's jaw dropped and he said ‘how does a bin man know Bill Wyman?’

Not only was Ali beaten by Norton in their first fight, but he also suffered a broken jaw in the fight.

On 18 February 1992 a demonstration was violently attacked by the police and the Applicant suffered a broken jaw .

Perret claimed to have found that his beautiful faces did have something in common: higher cheek bones, a thinner jaw , and larger eyes relative to the size of the face.

Ruminants also lack incisors in the upper jaw, and most lack canines in the upper jaw as well.

She had to have reconstructive surgery at the weekend to repair a broken jaw and damage to her eye sockets.

She looked at me straight in the eye, before clutching my jaw and opening my mouth with her index-finger.

she suffered a broken jaw

She suffered a broken jaw , cheekbone, forearm and pelvis.

Six of these measurements capture cranial shape, and eight capture dental adaptations of both the upper and the lower jaw .

Steve Davey returns to the bench after making a remarkable recovery from a broken jaw suffered just three weeks ago.

The 28-year-old victim suffered a broken jaw and black eyes, among other injuries.

The dental arch of the lower jaw is in a state of mesial occlusion with that of the upper jaw .

The implant material, made of highly biocompatible titanium, is inserted into the bone of the jaw .

The jaw is undershot, which means the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw .

The lorry driver escaped unhurt but Butcher suffered serious head injuries and a broken jaw .

The lower jaw of the haddock is slightly shorter than the upper jaw and the fish has a small single barbel.

The muscles joining the hyoid bone to the jaw should be relaxed so that the larynx is pulled forward and upwards.

The sergeant's jaw dropped and it looked as if he was trying to strike Manny dead with a lightning bolt from his gaping mouth.

we ought to have a jaw