Example Of individualistic

Globalization depends on an ideology of accumulating wealth, personal glory, or individualistic freedom, she said.

He demonstrates that first-aid very slowly trickled down to needy Germans and how individualistic attitudes replaced communal ones as the Cold War intensified.

her work is quirky and genuinely individualistic

His childhood was happy, although he was always a bit mischievous, individualistic and anti-establishment.

In recent years a number of artists have worked from a more individualistic perspective.

Industry was full of individualistic entrepreneurs who weren't thrilled about the new regulations.

Instead the papers are permeated with a modernistic and very individualistic notion of gender.

It does, however, underscore the challenge of changing reward systems to meet quality requirements within an individualistic society.

It's true, artists are very individualistic in that way.

Teamwork is considered to be unimportant, so the tendency to become more individualistic increases; moreover, tolerance toward peers decreases.

That seems like the outcome of an individualistic rather than a collective period.

The individualistic orientation, however, is more likely to advocate privileged treatment for oneself.

The execution may have been a step back from the July performance, but the interpretation was notably different more individualistic and worked-out.

The historical roots of American feminism are overwhelmingly individualistic .

The warm, fuzzy rhetoric of the sisterhood is completely at odds with our brutal, individualistic , competitive society.

They had left the feudal system of Scotland for a more individualistic way of life.

Thirdly, English witchcraft beliefs made the suspects very individualistic .