Example Of indisposition

indisposition to motion, exertion or change

indisposition to motion, exertion, or change

Aides to the Prime Minister said he was suffering from a " slight indisposition ".

an utter indisposition to do anything whatever

At this time Elizabeth began to become apprehensive in expectation of her monthly indisposition .

But Julia never complained about her condition and Charlotte had no way of knowing what the cause of her present indisposition was.

due to an indisposition, Herr Gesner will not be able to continue his performance

For indisposition of any kind, 3 tablespoons diluted with water can be taken.

Mrs. Clinton was confined to her room that morning by a slight indisposition .

On the night I went, its star Sheridan Smith could not go on, due to a " sudden indisposition ".

she was chiefly confined by indisposition to her bedroom

The following day, he made a token appearance and gave up citing indisposition .

The royal entourage likes progress to run smoothly, "free from the disruptions of gastronomic indisposition ."

The Suez Canal and the Mediterranean must have been kinder because they were never blamed for her indisposition .

They woke her with their boisterous noise and lack of consideration for her indisposition .