Example Of idiosyncratic

All that we have to show for nearly six decades of post-colonial art is a single monumental conspectus: an indispensable, if idiosyncratically argued, overview of art in India from the 1890s to the 1990s.

Always an idiosyncratic individualist, he seems to have introduced his own pronunciations for the names of players.

And that, as much as its unlikely origins, sums up the idiosyncratic charms of a unique golfing venue.

And the picture is made more confused by McLean's own idiosyncratic personality.

At a time when most bookstores have enough floor space to sell station wagons or livestock, Query Books is one of the pleasant anomalies - a smartly and idiosyncratically stocked shop with more character than square footage.

He dapples and sprays his canvas with sound, and the fact he is self-taught makes his music even more idiosyncratic and unique.

His fans long ago came to terms with the intensely coded, idiosyncratic and bizarre thing that is Dylan.

His operating model is thus entirely personal, and entirely idiosyncratic .

However grand or private or idiosyncratic a state of affairs I have in mind, I can go on hoping for it in the only way that remains possible to me.

It is idiosyncratic to the individual carer, staff member, or nursing home.

It remains to be seen whether Irish television can prove a sympathetic home for more idiosyncratic talents than that.

Nor does she swamp the material with idiosyncratic , personal embellishments.

On the other hand, there were five artists from Bidyadanga, a remote West Australian community producing vibrant idiosyncratically coloured canvases, which have shot up in price in the past 12 months.

One longs for less to distract you from his unique world-view and wonderfully idiosyncratic voice.

Penn does a marvelous job in fleshing out the little idiosyncratic elements of his character.

She is warm, funny, idiosyncratic and a dedicated people watcher.

The aim of linguistic research is to discover the general rules, not to list the idiosyncratic and the irregular.

The author has a distinctive, idiosyncratic style that draws you in and keeps you reading.

The differences are sometimes idiosyncratic , but they may also reflect deeper divisions of allegiance.

The other type of risk is idiosyncratic risk, or risk that is unique to an individual in the market.

They do not hesitate to dress idiosyncratically , speak dramatically and in general cultivate affectations that would be bizarre in most other professions.

They're just so idiosyncratic and quirky - and yet, they're also still being made.

When a lot of diverse people pursue their idiosyncratic interests, unexpected things happen.

While there are several fine left-of-center sites, the blogosphere currently tilts right, albeit idiosyncratically , reflecting the hard-to-pigeonhole politics of some leading bloggers.

You get the sense that you were surrounded by idiosyncratic and iconoclastic people.