Example Of gruesome

A bit like watching a car crash, it was gruesome but fascinating.

A debate ensued which led to the rather gruesome killing of the witches of the medieval period.

A railway worker had a rather gruesome discovery whilst making his rounds last week.

Also, the wine list was gruesomely overpriced.

An apartment complex in Southern California is hit by a string of gruesome murders.

And probably the biggest challenge of the Fulton D.A. is going to be to try to solve that mystery swiftly for the jury and make sure that no one forgets about the gruesomeness of the crime.

And while there are demonstrations of expertise with the sword, it is the precision of the fighter and how economical and speedy his movements are, rather than how many people he kills or how gruesomely that matters.

But I could not bear to have the weight of your most gruesome death on my conscience.

But I think there was a sense that the execution as it unfolded, the actual beheading, reached a level of violence and gruesomeness that was not appropriate to put in the paper.

Her vivid descriptions are often gruesome , but never gratuitous.

His determination to show us the full consequences of a shooting delivers some of the most gruesome images this side of a horror movie.

I haven't seen it, but I heard they cut out an awful lot of parts of it, which were gruesome .

In 1906, six years before Greyfriars Bobby was written, the novelist Upton Sinclair had published The Jungle, his gruesomely frank depiction of Chicago's meat-packing industry.

In front of him was one of the most gruesome scenes he had ever seen in his lifetime.

It is because the daily reports are too harrowing, the gruesome repetition too terrible.

It turns out to be as gruesomely entertaining as other respectable action films.

It's an ambitious project and I feel bad for rating it so poorly, but it's rather pretentious and just doesn't offer enough gruesomeness for the particularly bloodthirsty.

Many troops now feel that they will never see the civilian life they once saw at the end of a long, gruesome road.

One of the employees went to check on the missing worker and discovered the gruesome murder scene.

One pleasant surprise, given the gruesomeness of the murders, is that the first two-thirds of the novel are relatively non-violent.

she recounted the story in gruesome detail

Sure, some will die a horrible gruesome death, but it's only what a fox would do to another animal.

That is the way a lot of people cope with doing such a horrible, gruesome , barbaric job.

The gruesome murder shocked and revolted the nation, igniting a debate on the killers' future.

The fur trade is a violent, bloody business but these skins are particularly gruesome .

The manner of his sacking was gruesome enough - a clean sacking turned into a protracted public humiliation for both men.

The spurious impact of channels on society is an issue of gruesome and far-reaching consequences.

The story would have remained just a gruesome piece of local history had not something extraordinary occurred two years later.

Though the gruesome murders happened a decade ago, it seems that time has stood still.

To anyone who thinks of an abattoir as a place of gruesome horrors, this might sound like good news.

Well, it was gruesome , there was some awful acting, but the film had a good premise and a nice twist at the end.

When the spirits are particularly gruesome I've been shocked, but I realise that they can't hurt me.

While there, he experiences a multitude of psychedelic wonders and witnesses, one by one, his incorrigibly bratty fellow winners dispatched in gruesomely appropriate ways.

Why such gruesome murders are happening again and again is really a thought-provoking question.

You will witness scenes of unbridled gore and gruesomeness .