Example Of grouse

After that, I had a sensational roast young grouse served medium-rare.

And the fare was always good - the roast grouse even excellent.

As we near the beginning of the autumn game season, consider brambles as accompaniments in sauces; with their tart sweetness, they complement perfectly the richness of game such as venison, grouse or pigeon.

Between you and me, I had too much grouse and red wine last night and mackerel is very good for lowering cholesterol.

Business as usual is what has driven the greater sage grouse to its precarious brink.

But Eliot himself remarked, ‘To me it was only the relief of a personal and insignificant grouse against life; it is just a piece of rhythmical grumbling.’

But take away that personal grouse , and you've still got a strong selection from one of the best damn dance-groups ever.

Commercial snapper crews grouse also about offshore shrimpers, although not quite so vocally, and feel that sport fishermen may get too large a share.

Even in places where there is some greenery, the Museum or say, Kanakakkunnu, the common grouse voiced by regulars is that the number of breeze and shade-giving trees has dwindled over the years.

Hanging game can't be that important or restaurants wouldn't be full of pretentious prats eating grouse on the 12th of August, the only day when you can guarantee the birds can't have been hung.

Have a grouse about an inconsiderate bus driver?

He said the trick with cooking grouse was to keep it simple - but, if they stick to the rules, Atkins dieters may have to forego some of the trimmings that come with the new-season bird, such as parsnip crisps and bread sauce.

How terribly twisted must one's mind become to lead one to kill another human being in cold blood after nursing some grouse over turf or money?

However, the main grouse of these publishers is that they do not get much by way of advertisement support from corporates, which prefer the English publications.

I had the whole roast grouse with ‘banana fondants’ and baby onions for €26.

I try to replicate my early success by bringing out the abattis à la bourguignonne: giblets of duck, pigeon, and grouse cooked in a red-wine sauce.

Now here is my particular grouse : What was in the minds of the designers who thought up that last set of track wear for our women runners?

One day it would be noodles with garlic-butter sauce and a glass of pomegranate juice, the next it would be roasted grouse , bread, and a mug of sweetened milk.

One of the best ways to cook grouse to appreciate its fresh gamey flavour is to remove the breasts and pan-fry them.

our biggest grouse was about the noise of construction work

our biggest grouse was about the noise of the construction work

Pair up female and male black grouse that have no chemistry - the female isn't interested in the male.

People here have another big grouse : Government does not seem to be interested in registering this district on the tourist map of the state.

Roast grouse with poached plums was just drowned in jam (game wants bread sauce, crumbs and red wine in a glass, that's all) and the chicken was stuffed not with salmon this time, but foie gras.

Roast grouse is where traditional cooking and accompaniments can't be beaten - bread sauce, watercress, game gravy, even buttery fried crumbs or game chips all are perfect partners to roast grouse .

That proper water supply has been ensured to four residential extensions which came up only recently, while things continue to ail in the old town limits is another grouse .

The grouse had been hung too long and cooked too long.

The grouse of aged visitors to the Eco Park against the Corporation is that it has not taken any steps to develop the three-acre area on its southern side.

The black grouse is Scotland's second-most endangered bird after centuries of habitat destruction and hunting.

The breast of grouse was slightly overdone and a bit dry, but had the intriguingly complex flavours of wild moorland feeding.

The first year of the project saw 30 young black grouse released in October 2003.

Their grouse : expansive windmill-farms look unsightly!

Their grouse is that other south Indian language films are sound both technically and visually as they have film cities of their own.

Their main grouse was the 0.15 per cent securities transaction tax on share transactions.

Typically, customers do grouse , but in the aggregate, they've not rebelled and over time have come to accept the practice as fully entrenched.

Which was the fastest game bird in Europe - the golden plover or the grouse ?

Whole roast grouse may still come with game chips and bread sauce but there is game jus rather than over-thickened gravy.