Example Of gas

A chest and abdominal film from the first day of life demonstrated the ectopia cordis and a paucity of bowel gas in the abdomen.

A colicky baby more likely has gas because of the colic.

Along with other fossil fuels like coal and gas .

An increase in abdominal gas may be due to three complications.

Another cylinder of gas is required to fuel the single ring burner used to boil the kettle.

But we do know she encountered them in her attempt to stop and get gas .

But we guessed correctly, and turning lights on, stopping only for gas , drove east.

Cheaper gas and fuel will give households more money to spend on other items.

CS gas grenades were originally made like smoke grenades, with the CS irritant being emitted through apertures in the top.

Digestion of beans and other complex carbohydrates requires gas-producing bacteria, leading to increased gas .

Dosing is limited by gastrointestinal side effects of gas , bloating, and constipation.

For general bloating and gas , over-the-counter products containing simethicone can help.

Furthermore, the availability of a major source of gas in south-west Wales could potentially attract other industries which need gas as a fuel.

He compared being so short of hand towels to running out of anaesthetic gas during an operation.

He made a specialty of chemical and gas warfare and minefields and his war caused a million deaths.

Her last bowel movement had occurred 3 days previously, and she had not passed any gas for more than 24 hours.

hot balls of gas that become stars

Hydrogen can either be generated by wind or solar energy, or by using fossil fuels such as gas .

I had to stop in Jamestown for gas and that is where I realized I didn't have my house keys.

I ordered my friend to step on the gas

If there is a gas or nerve agent attack and you are not wearing a full NBC suit, a suitable respirator or immediate access to a nerve agent antidote injection, you will die.

In 1992, 43 tons of chlorine gas were released in Henderson, Nevada, causing distress to hundreds of people.

In one case, military police sprayed pepper gas on a group of university students to stop them from singing while waiting to be removed from the Navy base.

In this patient you do see gas in the distal bowel.

Instantaneous fuses and gas or smoke shells made possible heavy and lethal barrages that did not make ground impassable to assaulting infantry.

Intestinal gas is typically caused by the fermentation of undigested food, such as plant fiber, in the colon.

It can be used as a fuel in power stations to generate electricity or heat as an environmental alternative to burning fossil fuels such as gas , coal and oil.

It needs expensive or scarce fuel, such as gas or wood, to heat it and experience to run it.

it was gas in the bar last night

Late in the afternoon, during the shift change, an explosion of methane gas , "firedamp," blasted deep in the underground workings.

Machine-guns, gas , high explosives, flame-throwers and air attacks slaughtered the lines of men marching out of the trenches.

Make time to pick up food on the way out of town or when you stop to gas up.

Most were put in a pile, doused with gas and fuel oil, and set afire.

Mother Nature's fossil fuels, oil and gas are running out fast and if we do not wish to be held to ransom by imported energy our representatives must act now.

Nitrogen dioxide is a brown gas , transformed from nitric oxide contained in emissions.

Now I know it's surprising to see a different gas price every time you stop at a Texonobil.

Nowadays, general anaesthesia is seldom administered via a mask and anaesthetic gas or vapour.

noxious gas

On the way home, we stopped for some gas and lottery tickets.

Oral cholecystography is used when patients are obese and have a large amount of overlying bowel gas which makes ultrasonography more difficult.

Pack your bags, gas the car and thank the voice in your heart for speaking up.

She drove, making two stops for gas on the way home to Sager's Creek.

Since then, it's been a rather gentle decline, although many in the UK during the 80s and 90s still thought I was a gas .

So in the House today, the Greens are advocating, for some reason, the burning of fossil fuels - gas in Auckland and diesel along with wind generation.

So the manager says if the price of gas goes above that, he's going to have to stop selling gas .

Some people get a lot of gas from foods that don't bother others.

Sometimes Bud stops to get gas , and this always feels like a momentous occasion.

Supine and upright abdominal radiographs with stepladder pattern of air-fluid levels and no colonic gas are suggestive of obstruction.

the gas is escaping

The booming economy is also enticing new industries into the country and encouraging existing businesses to expand, fuelling further demands for gas .

The condor was put under anaesthetic gas for the 20 minute procedure - carried out by zoo vet Brash in Flamingo Land's own clinic a fortnight ago.

The country is relatively rich in mineral resources but, unlike Russia, is underendowed in fuels such as gas , oil, and coal.

the dentist gave him gas and air

The engines are fuelled by liquid petroleum gas , which means that there is no risk of a fire breaking out.

The most commonly reported side effects are gas , constipation, stomach pain, and indigestion.

The name was a hangover from the First World War, when the larger mortars were employed to lay down smoke or gas .

the party would be a gas

The price of food items sold at hotels has already jumped by 15 to 25 percent and the cost of commodities produced by factories using gas as a fuel will be affected.

The resulting ester was saponified under basic conditions to the free acid, converted to the acyl chloride with thionyl chloride, and then to the amide with anhydrous ammonia gas .

They can gas my car and change four tires in less then fourteen seconds during a pit stop.

This almost involuntary practice relieves the symptom but it also produces gas and bloating.

This form of anesthesia was easily controlled by stopping the gas , and the patient would revive quickly.

This is especially true if you have had a procedure that typically leads to a large amount of intestinal gas , such as a colonoscopy with polypectomy.

This slows down your digestion and can cause gas to build up.

This year is the 90th anniversary of the invention of modern gas warfare.

To avoid problems with gas , add high-fiber foods to your diet slowly.

To clear mines of gas - be it explosive or poisonous - a crude system of ventilation was used.

Two other reports exist of nitrous oxide anaesthesia being used in patients with intraocular gas in a closed eye.

Videos from his collection, showing dogs being killed by poisonous gas or a nerve agent, were recently aired on CNN.

We both thought it a bit crazy at the time, and we also thought it would be a gas .

we had great gas altogether

We have to drastically reduce the burning of fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas , so we need more wind farms to produce cleaner electricity.

We stopped by the convenience store to gas up the car and get a soda.

We stopped for gas at Stovepipe Wells, a minimal town boasting an elevation of five feet above sea level, and a mandatory T-shirt purchase location.

We stopped for gas on the way home and were parking in front of her house when she turned to relate what I've come to think of as the quintessential Lisa story.

You may feel bloated or have gas for a few hours after the exam.

You've got to gas up the car and put air in the tires.