Example Of gab

A lot of people only get honours because they have got the gift of the gab .

Acting is not mere gift of the gab , but a skill that comes from a serious observation of life and all around.

Almost every near miss lately in which someone almost hit me resulted from their inattention as they gabbed , gabbed, gabbed on the phone.

Aren't you guys into other stuff, like gabbing on the phone, Rollerblading or going to the movies?

As the clock-hands sweep into the witching hour, on October 30, a new season of gab and glitter will open at the Varscona Theatre.

As we listen to his wonderful gab , we should remember what he sometimes forgot or failed to say.

At the same time, people here don't know very much on the real situation in the world right now, and all the gab they get from the TV channels, which often involve the interpretations from Western mass media.

‘An anchor should have gift of the gab , be fluent in a language, maintain eye contact with the viewer and make the caller feel easy,’ she says.

But this is no girl gab where women bond over babies and birthing.

But this wasn't a goof-off employee, slacking away the day gabbing to friends and family on the phone.

By hanging out with the guys around the grill and listening in on the gab , the team eventually gathered a key insight that other forms of research had failed to deliver: A gas grill isn't really a tool that cooks the hamburgers and the hot dogs.

Commentators gabbed endlessly about the number of women, blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities in attendance, and the cameras never stopped looking for an illustrative face.

Deanna, a hard-working and good-natured woman, was gladly up to share a smoke and some gab when not working the dive deck.

Discussing private matters in public has become a habit in Europe and the U.S. For years, Americans have complained about cell phone users who gab in public.

fans should prefer her smooth delivery to the gab prevalent around the league

He's a cheeky chappy who we're expected to find charismatic simply because he has the gift of the gab , but he's all cockiness and no collateral.

I discussed ‘Symbolism’ with Winthrop as we lunched on stale potato chips and water, but Winthrop was in no mood for hyperbolic gab .

I do not have the time to be gabbing on the phone for that long, even in the space of a month!

I note some tut-tutting over the methods employed by frontline reporters armed with only the gift of the gab , trying to convince Brown to speak to them.

Identify your conversational style, and then find out how to get the gab going with your crush!

If your son has to swerve to avoid a little kid or a guy gabbing on the phone and driving an SUV, he might not be able to do it, especially at low speed, where steering effort is increased.

Instead I get the feeling that I am calling one of those old-fashioned businesses where the phone rings for ten minutes straight while the guy at the counter gabs with the mailman.

It was this natural gift of the gab , her bright and lively manner and her instinct for a good yarn that helped her win a rare career break into broadcasting as she approached 40.

Jeff was leaning against the couch near my feet playing a video game that seemed to be frustrating him as David gabbed on his phone.

Mary, are you going to stand here and gab all day about ghosts and spooks or are you going to get something to eat?

Montgomery's been in some superb bands and put out some solid solo records in the US, and I once had a nice long backyard gab with him about music over a keg.

Nicole has the gift of the gab and the ability to fire out a quick response without thinking too much about it.

Over 10 spirited contestants with a gift of the gab , including a girl student, were chosen for the finals of the mock press competition organised in connection with Noopuram 2003, the youth festival of Cusat.

Scientists tracked 420,000 Danish cell phone users, including 52,000 who had gabbed on the gadgets for 10 years or more, and some who started using them 21 years ago.

So did something else set you off at Greensboro, or was it just the guy gabbing on the cell phone?

So we just stayed up and gabbed , ate junk food and had a few beers, and gabbed some more.

Stop at your best girl pal's place and get going with the gab .

That's all the gab for now, but we'll keep our ears to the ground, and pay off maids to steal secret illicit sex tapes of the stars.

The medallion imparts the gift of gab and is powered by solar energy.

The talk and news shows are equally diverse, with channels devoted to both liberal and conservative gab , the audio from cable TV news networks and a National Public Radio feed.

They go their separate ways whenever possible: He's planted in front of the television; she's gabbing on the phone to friends.

Those who remain spend only 80% as much time gabbing on the phone, and all the while rates continue to drop.

We spun and gabbed , and gabbed, and gabbed, and Emily alternately ran wild around the house pulling out every toy she owned, and served everyone handfuls of cookies on toy plates.

What people remember about a day is not what they gabbed about but who they gabbed to.

You gab on the phone and IM each other for hours… even after you've just seen each other a dozen times during the school day.

Your delightful gift of gab can get you in gossip trouble but, of course, you can talk your way out of it.