Example Of fastening

a fly-front fastening

a front-zip fastening

Accessories include a zipper doorway, windows, and grommeted fastenings for use in areas of extreme weather.

All the other fastenings were bolts and, in many cases, I used existing holes.

Copper fastenings had been substituted in all cases in the new work.

He said before the advent of modern fastenings , clothes were held together with brooches, or with belts and straps like this one.

Here, the inspector is looking for any indications that summer storms or winds have loosened the fastenings connecting the roof to the rest of the building.

It is believed to have been made in nearby York, Maine, and is constructed primarily of black walnut using wooden peg fastenings .

No preparation for the test is required, and depending which part of the body is being scanned, the patient may be able to remain fully dressed, in clothes without metal fastenings .

Reaching over, he pulled loose the Velcro fastenings on the blood pressure monitor and made his way to a full seated position.

The fastenings dug into her wrists as she tried to kick him.

The black Lycra dress made a dramatic return in all its backless glory, and key accessories included brooch fastenings on jackets and crocodile-pattern clutch bags.

The children are attached to the camels’ back with Velcro fastenings but so rough is the ride that many of them fall off.

The door had iron fastenings which I turned before taking a few cautious steps inside.

The kensai felt the ropes and pikes draw tight, and satisfied that they were secure, moved along to check the rest of the fastenings .

The Velcro fastenings on my wallet made their characteristic ripping sound as I pulled it open.

This one stood shuddering with cold for a minute or two, head hanging, before he slowly raised his gloved hands and fumbled at the fastenings of his cloak.

This was my last chance, it would be a matter of a minute and a half before he could finish with the fastenings - I stayed silent.

This went as far as imitating every detail of wood, down to the joints and fastenings , in rock.

Today's reusable nappies are shaped with Velcro fastenings , washable outer and inner liners and an inside liner which can be flushed away.

With shaking hands, he pulled the criss-crossing fastenings loose, far too intent on the task because of the fear he felt.

You may find yourself going out and buying shoes that have Velcro fastenings instead of laces as the child cannot grasp how to tie their own laces.