Example Of encourage

All are welcome and new members are particularly encouraged to attend.

All residents are asked to make an effort to support this initiative and children are also encouraged to participate.

All these factors encourage smoking and do not help efforts to reduce it.

Banks encourage what is for them a profitable orgy of borrowing, and luxury imports surge.

Despite the dangers, some parents actively encourage their children to take part in the street clashes.

Fernandez's comeback continues, and the team is encouraged by his progress.

He has been mentor and coach, encourager and honest evaluator.

Higher education carries much prestige, and parents strongly encourage children to earn their diplomas.

His actions would have been completely legal - even encouraged by the Dutch government.

However, the majority of the feedback [both online and off] has been encouragingly positive.

I encourage anyone interested in ancient history to consider Turkey for their next travel destination.

I hope that you are encouraged that no one has considered the idea of looking on the web for your product.

I hope this goes some way to calming the situation down, and I hope the support you've had encourages you!

I would encourage anyone else interested in this debate to try and get their hands on a copy as well.

Instead I nod sagely and smile encouragingly because there is actually nothing worse than the sleeplessness that comes with a new baby.

Instead, the child is introduced to a story that encourages positive beliefs about self and others.

Interested drivers are encouraged to contact teams to reserve time in the cars in advance.

It would also encourage the development of new tourism activities in the region.

Margaret was smiling encouragingly , so she continued.

new roads encourage more traffic

Positive role models for underrepresented cultures may encourage more participation in leadership roles among underrepresented students.

Readers are encouraged to submit articles to share their challenges and successes with colleagues.

Researchers from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences are encouraged to apply.

She added as an afterthought that the government supports campaigns to encourage cycling and walking as healthy forms of transport.

She continually encourages growth, development and autonomy of all members of her team.

She spent years promoting and encouraging him, while Valentino made one bad decision after another.

Since it was first launched in Namibia in 1991, there have been encouraging developments.

Steve was actually a huge encourager of my writing.

That's not our job, our job is not to encourage gambling.

The aim was not only to promote the sport but also encourage more visitors to attend these high profile events.

The county council trumpets that it wants to encourage cycling.

the government is keen to encourage investment

The idea of reducing the refuse collections is a good one, and should help encourage recycling.

the intention is to encourage new writing talent

The next meeting is on Thursday, April 7 at 9.30 pm and all local residents are encouraged to attend.

The public hearing provided an opportunity and a faint ray of hope that encouraged women.

The scoring system encourages activity - the more you play, the better you will score.

The substance releases the minerals into the teeth, encouraging the growth of new enamel.

they encourage us to keep working

They have to balance between protecting their profits and encouraging economic growth.

This is generally accepted as beneficial in that it encourages innovation and competition.

This means that rising prices encourage competition, but falling prices do not.

Viewers were encouraged to participate at home and up to 10,000 people called a special helpline during the show.

We hope it will encourage people who would normally not consider travelling by train.

We must also encourage more students and journalists to pursue broadcast opinion writing as a career.

We're very encouraged by progress that's being made in many Asian countries.

While this is encouraging what is urgently needed is a mechanism that will translate words into concrete measures.