Example Of encounter

All four are expected to turn out in tomorrow's encounter .

Although the unpleasant encounter is over, I have been puzzling over the cause of this gentleman's behaviour, which borders on rudeness.

And today's encounter against Celtic is just the sort of game he relishes.

Another defeat would have left tomorrow's home encounter with Plymouth looking ominous.

‘Border guards…,’ I thought with awe, bracing myself for an unpleasant encounter .

Bands we encounter on the road are always in awe of our awesome van.

But it won't be a bruising encounter - for tai chi is more about inner peace than unarmed combat.

But they're likely to encounter a hostile European Union.

Durrow had won the earlier league encounter and started in a very determined fashion.

Even if they could find the time, they often encounter another obstacle.

He came back strongly in the semi-final encounter against Pakistan by making a solid 58 runs.

He chewed reflectively, his thoughts drifting back to yesterday's encounter with Marina.

He didn't survive his encounter with the men who are supposedly New York's finest.

He said the troops did not encounter any hostile fire.

He was a bit of a suspicious character to encounter on the streets.

his close encounter with death

I recalled my recent encounter with the stranger, and my eyes narrowed.

I recently had an unpleasant encounter with a guy who drives a tow truck.

I well remember my first underwater encounter with a basking shark.

I'm thinking that this might be the best chance I ever get to have a casual encounter with someone new and exciting.

In addition, the ethnographer will encounter many people who will act as informants.

My first brief encounter with the film was at a very young age.

Newcastle won today's encounter 32-9 in front of a 4,500-strong crowd.

she felt totally unnerved by the encounter

She had to limp through the final stages of the epic encounter , warding off cramp.

She's evidently remembering her previous encounter with a gun.

The combination of the two leads him to an unpleasant encounter with the police.

The complainant says that there had been one previous sexual encounter .

The last and strangest encounter occurred a couple of years ago in the Maldives.

The traveling I could do without, but I wouldn't give up meeting the several hundred dance educators I encounter on each tour for anything.

The U.S. took a major step, surviving an epic encounter with a skilled Japanese side in the quarterfinals in Adelaide.

The unpleasant encounter put me in a strange state of mind.

They beg for money, often using bits of broken English they pick up from the occasional soldier they encounter .

what do we know about the people we encounter in our daily lives?

When that fails, the young man has an unpleasant encounter with his family.

When you encounter people who are different from you, don't judge them by how they look or act.