Example Of dummy

dummy whist

A dummy camera was set up earlier this year to prevent cars using the bus gate.

a dummy subject as in ‘it is’ or ‘there are’

a dummy subject, as in “it is” or “there are.”

a dummy torpedo

A capable ruler, he is no dummy , though he sometimes waits too long before taking action.

a tailor's dummy

A talking monkey is alright for children as a ventriloquist's dummy , but how about a doll which speaks only about AIDS and HIV.

a waxwork dummy

Alternatively, you can make a dummy round with no primer or powder and leave the bullet seated way out.

Although the dummy pages circulated before the launch looked bold and colourful, the first real front page had the distinct whiff of suburban newspaper.

An art project fell foul of the false arm of the law last week as Gardai ‘arrested’ a dummy which has been posed as a beggar around Sligo town centre.

As she is undressed and her wedding veil placed on the tailor's dummy , the camera pans up from her naked back to her body in the photograph.

At the very least, if they end up dropping this, keep at least Job and Franklin, the ventriloquist dummy because if they just spun off on their own, I would be so happy.

‘We use their counter-top display that has one of their lights on a dummy gun,’ he said.

By fitting the dummy front to the machine the details of cards used could be recorded, while the camera captured the PIN number.

Either way, the second dummy is then exposed and the play continues as in Double Dummy Bridge.

Even when you ask them where a certain book is located, the computer they're using is just a dummy computer.

Following the correct steps to adjust the three dies, we should have succeeded in making a dummy round.

For many years, in all weathers, a Swanndri-wearing tailor's dummy stood proudly outside his shop to show durability.

He introduced her to the group publisher, who fronted her enough money to produce a dummy for a new magazine.

He knew how to turn my dummy into a book.

He plays from the dummy just as if it were a fourth player sitting opposite the Declarer.

He was no dummy and you had to be slick when playing this kind of game around him.

He's no dummy , taking a calculated gamble on his career.

His need to lecture his readers sometimes forces his protagonist into the role of the ventriloquist's dummy - and too often we can see the master's lips moving.

I don't know the guy, but he's not a dummy , believe me.

I don't let him pretend (as some cartoonists do) that he's just a dummy .

I had a ventriloquist's dummy and used to do magic shows for the family.

I mean, the only thing worse then having a wax dummy, is having a wax dummy of a ventriloquist dummy that looks like a clown!

I realized that if this were a bad horror movie, it'd be a ventriloquist dummy in its little suitcase, urging me to go out and set fires.

I really don't like this method since I have a horror of one of the dummy rounds getting mixed up with my hunting ammunition.

I was no dummy , but somehow these brilliant, male minds, forced my IQ to drop 50 points.

I've been excited enough to spend several hours working up some page templates and a dummy contents page.

If the jet had been flying over a more populated area, then even a dummy bomb could have caused a significant level of destruction and even death.

Immediately after this opening lead, the dummy 's cards are exposed.

In Cowboy and Cowgirl the dummy can discard and draw in the same way as the players.

In reality, ‘Johny’ was a ventriloquist's dummy , but few seemed to mind about that.

In the movie, he's a dark-haired American modelled on, of all things, a shop dummy .

It's fairly obvious of her interest in him and he's no dummy , so maybe he's ignoring her to protect himself?

Just to say that if any of you feel like doing your party piece towards the end of tomorrow's dinner do feel free, and bring guitar, ventriloquist's dummy or whatever…

Make a dummy round first to check chambering before you start loading a bunch of ammo.

Of course I should have probably looked through the spy hole because staring me in the face was a ventriloquist's dummy .

Of course, NATO knows that we have these dummies, but cannot tell a dummy from a real rocket.

On the roof of one of them a realistic ‘corpse’ - a tailor's dummy - was hidden.

Once it became easy to download, so that any dummy could do it and you're only paying a buck a song, it sort of took it away from the old peer to peer basis thing.

One model included a dummy for history of lung cancer.

One plausible scenario, he said, was that he had indeed threatened the cops with a dummy gun.

Parkinson's Disease sufferers experience the same benefit from an inactive dummy drug as they do from a real medicine, new research has shown.

Playing with three players, the game uses a dummy hand for the fourth player.

Rick's no dummy , so of course he goes along with it.

She, meanwhile, had her stand with her arms out like a dressmaker's dummy , cutting her shirt down the middle of her back.

So like a dummy , I go through there and pull out this date book.

The American servicemen who dropped a dummy bomb on East Yorkshire have returned to flying after an investigation into the blunder, it was revealed yesterday.

The collision wrecked the window display - including a dummy dressed as Elvis - and caused thousands of pounds of damage.

The Defender on the Declarer's left leads the card to the first trick, after which the cards in the dummy are exposed and sorted by suit.

The dressmaker's dummy and a blue wing chair that is used repeatedly are symbolic of the upper-middle-class venues of Mammy's travail.

The Kiltimagh native joined legends of the entertainment industry with a life-size waxwork dummy of the music manager.

The Lake Erie's radar system tracked the dummy warhead and guided the interceptor to collide with it more than 100 miles above the ocean.

The pedal car, which has recently been exhibited at classic car shows, is in fully restored condition, complete with its dummy engine and working headlights.

The train driver said he had just left New Pudsey station in the dawn light when he saw what he thought was a tailor's dummy between the railway line and the embankment ahead of him.

This was done by making some dummy rounds with the bullet seated way out and then gradually increasing the depth until the gun would just barely close.

This weekend a test will take place in which a dummy missile will be fired from a Californian base and be intercepted by a defence missile launched from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific.

To give the feeling that someone is watching and guarding over your spooky home make a dummy or scarecrow.

Typically folks would prepare a dummy cartridge leaving the bullet seated to a shallow depth, smoke it with a candle, and then seat the dummy round in the chamber.

Use this scoring method for you and the dummy players west, north, and east players.

We stood our ground, revised the dummy a couple of times and appointed a printer.

When it comes to movie marketing, he is no dummy .

With a revolver, simply give the cylinder a spin so that you do not know whether to expect a live or a dummy round.

You know the old ventriloquist routine where the dummy doesn't want to go into the suitcase?

You may think you know the location of the lockbox, and maybe you do or maybe that's a decoy or a dummy lock box.

You read through the reference and tutorial material to work out how things may best be done, set up a dummy page to try them out, and then you find the snag.