Example Of disease

disease control and prevention

a possible cause of heart disease

animals can transmit disease

antibiotics are used to fight disease

As the disease of greed and materialism spreads in our minds, so do the physical diseases, as our bodies struggle to eliminate the toxicity from the cocktail of chemicals consumed every day.

bacterial meningitis is a rare disease

bacterial meningitis is quite a rare disease

brain disease

contagious disease

departmental administration has often led to the dread disease of departmentalitis

fatal disease

For some reason - whether through snobbery, ignorance, or the peculiarly British disease of self-deprecation - this valuable national treasure has been systematically trivialised and ridiculed over the years, to such an extent that today it remains almost unknown.

fungal disease

he has the same disease as his party leader

he isn't the only one who has that disease

Hearing impairment is when the hearing is affected by a disease , disorder or injury.

heart disease

infectious disease

It may soon be used in humans to treat heart disease , diabetes, and other such diseases.

lung disease

many people have this disease

Obesity is a major factor in illnesses such as heart disease and certain forms of diabetes.

poor nutrition can cause disease

Rather, it is an argument against not leading a full life, of yielding to the national disease of sloth and laziness.

respiratory disease

she inherited the disease

Testicular cancer is a rare disease in men caused by abnormal growth of cells of the testicle.

The blame lies within the disease of greed that has found too comfortable a home in the world of sports.

The infection may be passed on without causing meningitis or any symptoms of the disease .

The main cause of death in our cohort with diabetes was ischaemic heart disease .

The symptoms are not disease specific and the term does not suggest any cause for the symptoms.

we are suffering from the British disease of self-deprecation