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Additionally, disarticulated human bone was found mixed with animal bone and other household refuse in the fill of burial pits and other small pits.

Almost all of the skeletons are entirely disarticulated , obscuring our view of what occurred after death.

Although disarticulated , the bones maintain some anatomical organization.

Although all sutures are open and some are now filled with sediment, these elements must have been firmly united by ligaments to resist the forces that completely disarticulated other parts of the skeleton.

An infant buried in a pit within the Dederiyeh Cave in Syria, for example, seems to have been placed after its joints had become disarticulated , but with some concern that bodily parts were placed in their correct anatomical order.

Both hindlimbs were disarticulated at the hip joints and stored at - 20 [degrees] C until required for mechanical testing.

Each knee was disarticulated at the hip, and skin and muscle were stripped both proximal and distal to the knee.

However, the completely disarticulated nature of the skeleton necessitates that some form of pre-burial dispersal occurred.

If there's just a single disarticulated bone in the site, then it becomes more tenuous.

In Oestocephalus, the atlas is disarticulated , but the relatively shorter proatlas would permit a closer articulation with the skull.

Large disarticulated spines found in limestones upsection from the shale unit at the Lake Brownwood Spillway are typically 60-70 mm when complete.

Nevertheless, the preceding account simply specifies masquerade as a type of representation which carries a threat, disarticulating male systems of viewing.

novels disarticulate theories

Other scattered, disarticulated bones on the platform were oriented both east-west and north-south.

Specimens were then prepared for morphometric analysis with dermestid beetles, which cleaned and disarticulated skeletal elements of the head.

Suddenly its huge mouth opens perpendicularly to its body, and its jaw disarticulates from the skull.

the African egg-eating snake can disarticulate its lower jaw from its upper

The apparent ease with which the sponge skeletons disarticulated before burial makes our discovery of well-preserved specimens of special interest.

The direction and magnitude of deviations of the guidewire from the anatomic center of the posterior horn were determined after disarticulating the knees.

The famous surgeon, Dr. Pott, was able to disarticulate an ankle and dip the soggy end of the lower leg into boiling pitch in 15 seconds.

The former ‘specimen’ includes two disarticulated right frontals, only one of which preserves the surface of the relevant area.

The tibiae were disarticulated , stripped of soft tissue, and placed in 70% alcohol for fixation and storage.

When it was excavated in 1821 at least fifteen disarticulated skeletons were found, and a further eight or nine in 1854.