Example Of developments

development scheme

a major housing development in Chicago

a new processor is under development

A traditional Wharfedale community is set to increase by a third due to major planned housing developments .

Are there clear psychological effects produced by developments in technology?

Both developments will lead to knock-on improvements at the hospital in Dewsbury.

commercial development

community development

curriculum development

Expect more developments in this field as the pressure of pro - surveillance legislation increases.

Farmers have seen little developments in the area of low cost slurry storage in the past number of years.

He added that plans for a visit by Ban would be reconsidered in line with developments in the situation.

He had no interest in any modern developments in other areas of mathematics.

He needs to offer independent confirmation of these events and developments .

He said he was also in favour of rezoning the lands to allow the developments to take place.

However, I'm always happy to comment on any major developments in my particular areas of interest.

If a crisis develops in Britain it is likely to be the product of domestic developments .

Indeed, a number of events and developments since the invasion have raised further issues.

intellectual development

It has to be said though that the developments at CND do not augur well for a future more unified approach.

It is a model informed by developments in cognitive psychology and analytic philosophy.

It is not often that Parliament has to frame legislation apt to apply to developments at the advanced cutting edge of science.

it's an interesting development in secondary education

It's plainly had a lot of positive developments in producing a more interdependent world.

language development

light weights can help the development of stronger muscles

Mr. Reay-Young says he expects further expansion if developments go to plan.

New housing developments will produce more car owners than car parking spaces.

Of course, each one of these hopeful developments has its own origins and dynamics, distinct from the Iraq war.

On the contrary, that medical report is based upon events and developments since July 2001.

Only in this way can it intervene in social developments as an independent political force.

Other future developments in housing were mainly dependent on where the council could get lands.

Padraig lived at a time when their were huge developments in the area of electronics.

Participants will also discuss political and economic developments in the Middle East.

Perry Rees explains that every race is an important test-bed for new ideas and developments .

product development

Rather in keeping with the tenor of the match, one of the most significant developments happened by accident.

Recent developments suggest policymakers are going to face some real tests in the coming year.

residential development

rural development

she traces the development of the novel

Sigtronics is pushing ahead with developments in several innovative areas.

Something else I do not understand is why there are so many new developments of unused buildings.

Speed refers to observing and shaping developments in the area of operations.

staff development course

that was an unexpected development

the development of bones

the development of brittle bones

the development of learning skills

the development of less invasive treatment

the development of the butterfly from the egg to the fully formed stage

the development of the child as a person

the development of traditional music

The Bulgarians do not know what to expect after the latest developments , diplomats said.

The Council is also considering sites for housings developments in two other villages in the area.

The Crossings Business Park was one of a number of commercial developments undertaken by the firm.

the economic development of Ireland

The exercise has also come about because of housing developments in the area which could affect population trends.

The issue of monetary union as an accompaniment to the single market was not addressed at this stage of developments .

the locals oppose any development of the site

the new centre is currently under development

the new version is currently in development

The other runs a series of housing developments , building homes for the new middle class.

The political and military developments of the past few weeks have weakened both of these supports.

The size of housing developments in the Killea area is currently limited to no more than four to six houses.

the stages of human development

the wings attain their full development several hours after birth

There is little detail about retail and leisure developments so presumably nothing to catch the imagination is on its way.

They were also influenced by methodological developments in other areas of scholarship.

This may be partly explained by time lags in market and product developments in Canada.

too much sun can lead to the development of skin cancer

Whichever way you vote, most of the exciting developments in politics are happening outside the electoral orb.