Example Of development

development scheme

development work

A city is bound to meet with problems in the process of its development .

a major housing development in Chicago

a major housing development in Essex

A method of preparing a roll of film for development and developing the film is also disclosed.

a new processor is under development

A school is set to give up some of its land for a housing development in exchange for a new sports field, it has been revealed.

After caterpillars reach their full development they seek depression in the bark and curl up in a web spun from some secretion which they exude.

agitation is carried out while a film is processed to ensure even development

Another development is a product launched by Bank of Ireland last week.

commercial development

community development

curriculum development

Families have welcomed plans to turn an empty school site into a housing development .

For those of us who consider air travel to be a positive development , this suggests some optimism that the panics haven't won.

Growing leaves are characterized by dynamic gradients of growth processes and functional development .

He is behind in development , can't castle kingside and his queenside is weakened.

housing development

I sought to take advantage of Black's defective development

Instead he calmly fianchettoes a bishop and argues the he can attend to things like development later in the game.

intellectual development

It also makes a huge contribution to tourism, to audience development , and artistic excellence.

It had grants to regional councils for social development, development and evaluation expenses and so on.

It is a residential street and it should stay residential but the council are going to make more money having a commercial development .

It is about understanding the entire arc of human social development since we emerged as a species.

It is to further this development that the World Socialist Web Site devotes its efforts.

It points out that such a corridor development can deal with economic, social and environmental issues.

It should be emphasized, however, that such a court-led process of social policy development has its own logic.

it's an interesting development in secondary education

land suitable for development

language development

light weights can help the development of stronger muscles

Meanwhile, the window cleaning industry is less than impressed with a development which threatens to leave them all washed up.

Musical ability and artistic development , like anything else, are more complicated than that.

Peace, reconciliation, nation building and sustainable development are what we seek.

personal development

product development

professional development

regional development

residential development

rural development

she traces the development of the novel

Since the case management conference there has been a major development in this area of law.

software development

staff development course

Stott warns it is not the climate we should be looking to change, but policies towards land development and building.

that was an unexpected development

the development of bones

the development of brittle bones

the development of good practice in teaching

the development of less invasive treatment

The development of the area adds extra interest to the guided Waterfront walking tour.

the development of the butterfly from the egg to the fully formed stage

the development of traditional music

The Arts Council wants to see the development of innovative artistic work, said Ms Russell.

The Assembly recognises that not all previously developed land is suitable for development .

The big job has started at Ougham on the Ballymote Road where a major development of a new housing estate is now underway.

The biggest threat to their existence is habitat fragmentation caused by development , says Douglas.

the economic development of Ireland

The first stage of a flagship development being built in the heart of Bradford is set to open later this month.

The glass is the result of an intensive development , testing and market research programme by Pilkington.

The Greens fear for their political survival in the event of a similar development at the federal level.

the locals oppose any development of the site

The meeting heard that despite the site being up for sale for some time no company had come forward with a view to using it as a commercial development .

The move comes amid fears of possible housing and industrial development across the area if the Tories drop the plan at the vote tomorrow.

the new centre is currently under development

the new version is currently in development

the paintings provide evidence of his artistic development

The team hopes the study will influence Ottawa as to whether the land is sold for development or preserved in its natural state.

The theme of Creative Planet is sustainable development and any buildings will reflect this.

the wings attain their full development several hours after birth

There is a clause in the planning law against building development on open land.

This paper will be restricted to the presentation of certain examples of the influence of temperature upon the development of disease in plants.

This property is situated in an attractive development in one of the best new residential locations in Cork City.

too much sun can lead to the development of skin cancer

Unattended, they are easily denatured through the process of social development itself.

We do have a new development now in the situation at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Zionism is the highest stage of imperialism, which is the third stage of the development of capitalism.