Example Of complaint

A 43-year-old man was admitted with a chief complaint of seizures, fever, and possible aspiration pneumonia.

A friend of mine in the US subsequently wrote in to the offices of Power 99 FM, the station that had suddenly been flooded with letters of complaint .

a letter of complaint

A letter of complaint has been sent to An Post about the anglicisation of its name to The Post Office and a motion condemning this retrograde step was passed unanimously.

Accustomed to an ample news presentation at home, Turner, when he travels, has the familiar complaint that some papers these days seem not to have much in them.

At the outset of his investigation he was made aware of a previous complaint about the plaintiff which did not result in any charges being laid.

‘There are several inaccuracies in the letter of complaint ,’ writes the investigator.

Back pain is a complaint often associated with the squat exercise.

But he was surprised when he received no apology or explanation from the council about the delay and had been close to writing a letter of complaint .

But now, despite the fact they had loads of letters of complaint when they dropped their daily crossword, Metro have started Sudoku yesterday

he hasn't any cause for complaint

He will have been thinking, for one thing, of the letters of complaint the Yorkshire Post has had from visitors to Haworth, home of the Brontës, who found they could not get away again.

Headache is the most common somatic complaint in children.

How insulting should my letter of complaint be?

However, as time has gone by, I am more convinced than ever that infertility should be treated as a medical complaint , just as any other condition.

I have only one minor complaint : I don't know what any of this new music might be called.

I have some sympathy with his complaint .

I intend to make an official complaint

I sent a note round to all Guardian editorial staff with the complete letter of complaint from one of the doctors, and one of the emails, also complete, complaining about the picture of the bus.

If letters of complaint make soldiers feel better, then let them write.

In August 2003, the plaintiff made a written complaint to the Police Services Board.

Industry representatives sent a blistering letter of complaint to the real-life parliament president.

It is the presenting complaint in many conditions.

Many diseases or medical conditions have vertigo as an associated complaint , Gantz notes.

Maybe I should write letters of complaint , though.

My final complaint is the music score.

My usual rule of thumb is that letters of complaint should be polite, concise, constructive and preferably not more than one side of A4.

On December 8, Mr Brodie wrote a letter of complaint to the company's Wakefield office, after which he was offered a free dishwasher and washing machine.

On each, the defendant had urged that he take legal advice in connection with his complaint of wrongful eviction.

Perhaps the rain prevented other activities, but it seemed as if everyone in the homeless shelter had some medical complaint .

she is receiving treatment for her skin complaint

Shopkeepers in Barnoldswick are busy writing letters of complaint as the northern part of Barnoldswick has been plunged into chaos by road works outside their businesses.

So I wrote a lengthy letter of complaint instead.

Sue is also angry that she has only until May 3 to register letters of complaint against the proposed development, and is working as fast as she can to rally the troops to back the objectors.

The agency recently passed 200 letters of complaint to 11 TV stations, including state-owned TVRI.

The doctor diagnosed the complaint as a cardiac problem and prescribed heart medicine.

The EMA said the Chase Village resident who wrote the letter of complaint was invited to contact the authority if he wanted further information or clarification.

The month-long trial was scrapped after takings plunged by £26,000 in 13 days and students fired off almost 100 letters of complaint .

The officer I spoke to said the painted sign in the road had no legal significance and he was not intending to do anything about it, so I have written a letter of complaint .

The only complaint being heard around the Malton rehearsal rooms is that more chorus backup would have been useful.

The unit is primarily for the treatment of patients with a medical complaint or complication and are clinically deemed ‘low risk’.

They are responsive and I can't think of any legitimate complaint about them.

Was the investigation of the complaint against the plaintiff negligent?

We have had only one complaint about the letter, and that was not from a church member but from a relative.

When I contacted the hotel about your complaint , he called you to apologize for the inconvenience and to ask what the hotel could do to make things right with you.

Why didn't you go to the VA with a medical complaint ?