Example Of community

community health services

a community of monks

a community of native speakers

a community of nuns

a commitment to the community of goods

a rural community

According to Natasha, he was popular in the Albanian community and had many friends in Bristol and Oxford.

Acomb's three main ward areas were regularly patrolled by community officers, or ward managers.

Addressing TB as a public health issue has evoked a very generous response from the community at large.

An important point in community broadcasting is that each community broadcaster is unique and special.

Any sense of community and collectivity is subverted by the status quo.

Australia does not share only a community of values with the United States.

business community

By the early eleventh century the community of St Cuthbert owned extensive estates in northern Britain between the Tweed and the Tees.

Corrall sees this newly implemented global awareness leading to a better local awareness of community .

Do you have a slightly over-exaggerated sense of family and community ?

Frank was very well known in the farming community due to his cattle haulage business.

He added that community officers were working with cemetery staff to help protect the site and had offered to include it in their patrols.

he was accepted in the community

he's a danger to the community

Herself and Martin were members of the local farming community during their years in the Robeen area.

His daughter may have been more outgoing but she shared his sense of community .

Historically, the family has been the basic social unit of the community .

If ‘we’ has not taken over from ‘me’, the attitudes needed for successful community are not in place.

If he makes the team, he could perk up interest in the area's large Hispanic community .

In 1987 Father Cyril was appointed as a founding member of the new community of St Bede's at the Bar Convent in York.

In writing this book, I am aware of the likely responses of the community of sociologists.

Interventions shown to be effective in secondary care may therefore have limited value in the community .

Isn't it your responsibility to ensure the community receives value for money?

it caused problems for the wider community

It gives the police a more social role and forces the community , too, to take some responsibility.

It is religious belief, religious practice (ritual), and community of goods that holds them together.

It set a new tone about the business community and unions working together from a different perspective.

It was a celebration of community through shared storytelling and of the human ability to create art.

It was the first fully indigenous feature to come out of Winnipeg and was inspirational to the local film community .

Nixon suggested that this would allow for a yearly review of the organization's value to the community .

No collective spirit, no sense of community , everyone standing around on their own and staring into the middle distance.

On the eve of the 1848 revolution Cabet was involved in plans to set up an experimental community in Texas.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said the area around the shooting was a strong, local community .

Paula expended her inheritance on building and supporting the twin communities and led her community of women with sensitivity and humility.

People are seeking neighbourhoods with heart and a sense of community .

preparing prisoners for life back in the community

Property represented a problem for medieval economic thinkers because both scripture and natural law sanctioned the community of goods.

Public places that help foster a sense of community and nurture civic culture.

research community

Rhode Island's Japanese community

Roger is flabbergasted and said that he has received support from police officers and community safety workers.

She had a true sense of community and will be sadly missed by her relatives, kind neighbours and friends.

She took her responsibilities to serve the community seriously and now she's gone.

Such reductions can come without increasing efficiency but at a social cost to the community .

Superficially at least, the heightened sense of community encourages better standards of behaviour.

That's far more likely to occur in a community physician's office or an emergency room.

The community psychiatrist said he would refer Henry to the Gardener unit in Manchester.

The centre would have a main activity area designed to accommodate community arts, leisure and sports.

the farming community

The general principle of the Convention is to achieve a balance between the interests of community and the rights of the individual.

The group is made up of youth members who aim to make an impact on the community by organising social and fundraising events.

the law presupposes a community of interest between an employer and employees

The local legal community had turned out in record numbers to see their own do battle.

The next job was to secure the services of a community artist to assist in the tuition.

The protection of plants and animals should be the responsibility of the community .

the scientific community

the sense of community that organized religion can provide

the whole community was there

Then they went to a mobile police station and gave his description to a group of community constables.

There are people who are dangerous to society, who the community will want to keep locked up.

there was a real sense of community

there was a small community of Catholics in the town

there were no facilities for the local community

They taught the young ones how to behave, about values in the community .

This is a man with an illness, a family and an unwavering commitment to community .

this is a rural community

This is the plain answer to any who might query the responsibility of the community in the matter.

We may share a community of interest, but we have little else in common with America.

We need this community of interest to be based on and a part of sound, equitable decision making.

We tend to believe our immediate relatives and friends, we share a community of credibility.

What kept me in the group was more the sense of friendship and community than a sense of religion.

With about 75,000 residents in an eight-square-mile area, the town has a strong community spirit.

With its attendant parade and fireworks displays, Derby Week in Louisville promotes festive community spirit around this mid-sized River City.

writers who shared a community of interests

You have a responsibility to the community to uphold responsible journalism.

Young people were encouraged to be responsible members of the community at a workshop.