Example Of bug

A bug , a bacterium called Propionobacterium acnes, that lives normally on the skin, can thrive within the blocked pore.

a custom program we used developed a bug

A flagship London heart hospital was forced to close for two weeks after 45 staff and patients became ill with a diarrhoea bug .

A large lantern insect, the mealy fly is a sucking bug .

A school remained closed today after 150 pupils were struck down by a sickness bug .

A team from Manchester University has discovered that a blend of essential oils usually used in aromatherapy could eradicate the MRSA bug and other deadly bacteria.

An angry mother has hit out at the state of Central Park Swimming Pool after the council closed it following the discovery of the killer lung bug legionella.

And after a trip to South Korea in 1999 Nadim got the bug to make surveillance his career.

And it was then that agent had to install a bug with microphones inside the mayor's office.

And now even Pidí himself has caught the ice hockey bug .

Bill Edmunds noticed that his young son seemed always to get a tummy bug right after his teeth had been painted with fluoride.

Bitten by the recording bug , Kate has just completed her debut album, which took two years to record.

But on Tuesday night, a third of the guests were complaining of a stomach bug and sickness.

Chris died within a day of contracting the deadly brain bug meningococcal meningitis in January.

Do we grant domestic security agents the right to bug phones, buildings and the like?

Fair enough security and all that but they, whoever they were, were just as likely to bug the office as to bug their phone calls.

Friends and extended family, though they may provide much support, can easily spread a cold or flu bug or other infections.

He said the bug , mutated bacteria found in the gut, was identified by microbiologists several years ago and was widespread throughout the world.

He went to Belvedere College after that but by that stage, the jumping bug had well and truly bitten and he was commuting daily to get his fix.

he'd just recovered from a flu bug

He'll have a partner for the kiddie rides and will be less likely to bug your friends.

However, at this week's hearing Detective Scott told the court that no conversations were recorded by the bug before its discovery.

I asked the children to imagine themselves a small bug , like an ant, climbing up and down in an unknown landscape, and to draw their trails.

In 1999, a software bug knocked out a nationwide paging system for a day.

In fact, the Spanish flu bug was likely to have been around since 1900.

In one case permission was granted to bug the mobile phone of a ‘known criminal’.

Jenna caught the Beanie bear bug young and now has about 60 of the bears in her collection.

Joe was bitten by the showbiz bug

Late in life the junk store/flea market bug bit Papa hard.

Later, the recording bug bit me and took me away from the command line and into studios.

Little things that don't bug other people severely irritate me.

Millions of records will appear on public web pages ‘through a bug in the system which has since been resolved’.

Most likely this is a software bug in Internet Explorer - I can honestly say that I do not recall ever experiencing this problem.

New developments in the bizarre case of an FBI bug found in the office of the mayor of Philadelphia, John Street.

No one bugged me then, and I didn't want to bug these people, either.

One could fairly say, I think, that once a boater has settled into our marina, it's only a matter of time before the live-aboard bug bites.

One shot may be all your family needs to ward off the flu bug .

Overtraining depletes the bodily reserves, so when a flu bug or other illness starts making the rounds, the body is not ready to fight it off.

Refrain from killing knowingly even the trifling insects like a louse, a bug or a mosquito.

Since their introduction, the beneficial wasps have helped control plant bug populations throughout the Northeast.

Sir Alex Ferguson's match tactics and team talk were then taped by the mole tuning in to the bug 's frequency and listening in on United's secrets.

Some cases of gastritis are caused by an infection with the same bug that causes peptic ulcers.

suffering from a flu bug

That, according to sources, is a strong indication that it was the FBI's bug and they were the ones that put it there in the first place.

The flu bug is commonly believed to be a mere pest that can cause fever, nausea, and aches and pains - although it has had periods of pandemic proportions.

The guy's evident discomfort was starting to bug him.

The most common forms of the bug were now strain C of the bacterial meningococcal meningitis and its blood poisoning relative, septicaemia.

The rugby league bug bit Adrian when he was six - his elder brothers took him to The Willows and Mary is convinced Adrian would have signed for Salford ahead of Leeds.

The writing bug bit early in life. We all had chores to do at home, but I discovered that my sisters would do my jobs in return for a story of their own.

they caught the sailing bug

This new test, though, looks specifically for DNA from the human papilloma virus, the bug linked to cervical cancer.

Told that the city just doesn't have the resources the health-care workers need to combat the spreading bug , the microbiologist finally snaps.

Under pressure from the Feds, Mark helped the FBI place a pea-sized bug in a home in a Boston suburb.

Well, my problem is that he is really starting to bug me and he does these things that really annoy me.

What would happen to accountability if an attacker would find a bug in a program and use it in order to gain access to medical records?

When the gardening bug bit, I had no place to grow but in front.

When the gardening bug bites you, it usually happens around this time of year - and there will never be a better time than now to start.

Yes, the spring cleaning bug has bitten and God help anyone getting in my way.

Your particular problem is (in all likelihood) related to a bug in the program.