Example Of blubber

A word every prep fears, due to the fact they hate seeing a little bit of blubber on anyone, especially themselves.

After they killed the whale - in what looked like food sharing - one killer whale held down the carcass as the others tore the thick, resilient gray whale skin and blubber .

At this point I am taking a coffee break as I retch once again at the thought of whale blubber sitting unhappily in my oesophagus.

Because the seal's layer of blubber does not extend to its flippers, veins in the flippers lie close to the surface of the skin, poorly insulated from the ice and cold water.

But that business is encountering its own problems, specifically a bottleneck in processing seal blubber for nutritional supplements.

Charcoal, Propane, Mesquite, whale blubber , whatever gives you the taste that you desire.

Fish oil supplements are derived from a variety of sources, including mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon, cod liver, halibut, whale blubber and seal blubber .

Fourteen years later, Norway is preparing to resume the international trade in whale meat with a 10 ton shipment of meat and blubber from minke whales destined for Iceland.

He sat down with dignity, answered diplomatically certain mysterious questions about the dames, and applied his blubber lips to a handsome mouthpiece of lemon-coloured amber.

He was trying to tell me all you get to eat in Japan is raw fish and whale blubber for every meal.

I decided to do it just because I have lived with a little too much blubber around my middle for my entire life although the rest of me is quite lean and fat-less.

In my case, in addition to my belly, my chest was still misshaped from carrying too much blubber .

In other words, there's more to whales and sharks than blubber and dorsal fins; and the sooner we acknowledge this, the longer we may last in the evolutionary game of snakes-and-ladders.

In the 19th century it became an important port of call for ships, whose crews also picked up whale blubber and seal skins there.

Maybe then I'll lose some of my blubber , 'cause really you didn't have much to lose, sweet cheeks.

No, not fat as in gross blubber bouncing around my waist and stuff; it's just that I think I'm about a few pounds heavier than I was when I was really fit in first year.

Prior to kerosene lamps, most lamps consisted of whale blubber .

She pouted out t her blubber -lips, as if to bellows up wind and sputter in her horse-nostrils; and her chin was curdled, and more than usually prominent with passion.

The amount of contaminants in the meat of sea mammals is also low, but the level of contamination in the blubber of seals and whales is high.

The answer is all too mundane: The blobs are old whale blubber .

The name was coined by whalers, who considered the species the ‘right’ whale to hunt because its blubber makes dead whales float, aiding recovery of the carcass.

The smell of the sea was in the air as picnickers feasted on sun-dried halibut, muktuk, whale blubber , and Greenland raisin cake.

The tongue of the whale was regarded as a delicacy, while salted whale blubber could be bought in any French town.

There are so many celebrities/non-celebrities that are willing to pay lots of money to have the plastic surgeon to give them that blubber lips.

They are knee-deep in gelid gray water, with food and clothing, skinned seagulls and whale blubber , sheepskins and oilskins - the ancient flotsam of death at sea - sloshing about them.

Usually a scientist shows up and says of course it's… whale blubber and covers it up.

Whale meat and blubber is shared out locally, and a small amount is sold to pay for the upkeep of boats.

When I looked at his face I saw his blubber lips twitching with the efforts of attempted smile, but he couldn't quite carry it off.

Yes I am losing my blubber , but I have tonnes of it left to lose.

Yet the movement of his blubber lips, closely pressed together, showed clearly that he could not understand a word.

Young and old chewed thin slices of raw whale blubber as quickly as it was being cut off the carcass.