Example Of blab

Anyhoo, it annoys me when the blabs plump for the same stuff.

Apparently, he had blabbed out to the whole school that Sean was my boyfriend.

But tell him I want this handled by people who are reliable, who won't go blabbing to the press.

Get in the car, or we'll blab to the whole school, and your brother.

He thought that he could control the story, yet failed to spot one vital element: unless he blabbed , there was no story.

I don't know what you know, but, for once, can you not do the sneaky thing, and blab it to the whole world, or post it on your evil blog, or whatever.

I wont go blabbing your secrets around the school and I won't tell your guardians,’ he smiled.

If I stand trial, they will put me under a truth potion, and I will blab all kinds of secrets… including yours.

My tot's secret was blabbed by her nursery nurse.

Not long ago one constituent flipped out and started blabbing to the feds and the press.

Okay, it doesn't matter, but don't go blabbing about this to the whole world, okay?

Public servants are obliged to consider whether or not they are blabbing a government secret on a constant basis.

Sam should not have gone soft on a blab who squealed

She can't go blabbing out secrets after the third round of drinks.

She had blabbed to the whole world about what he pulled on the boys.

So go on kids - find yourself a nice juicy secret and blab it all over the place.

That's how long it had been since he'd blabbed about the whole movie theater incident.

The Appeals Court canned him for blabbing to the press, and threw him off the case, but decided that his verdict hadn't been tainted by bias.

There are going to be a few appearances that night, but I think they're sort of secret so I won't blab .

There has been a notable level of professionalism about the case, with none of the usual media leaks and no members blabbing too much to get some TV airtime.

there's no need to blab the whole story

they blab on about responsibility

We thought it was a good deal; Grandma could smoke her cigars in Edith's face and catch up on all the daily gossip since Edith was a big blab .

When officials blabbed to reporters and anyone who would listen, they didn't realize that they were aiding and abetting an elaborate ploy to stick it to the CIA.

Who do you think would have blabbed about it to the whole school first?