Example Of bale

A taxi driver and his four passengers escaped being crushed when a straw bale weighing half a ton bounced onto their car.

About 85 million bales of cotton are produced worldwide each year, including 18 to 20 million in the United States.

And then, sure enough, he walks right up and throws a big ole bale of straw on my back.

As a result, the price of New York hay has dropped because of its inferior quality and the cost of out-of-state hay has risen by about $4 per bale .

‘I'm going to pull a hard right and coast into that hay bale over there,’ Zell explained.

Calcot, Bakersfield, Calif., has annual sales of 1.4 million bales of cotton.

Calculating a ton as 40 bales weighing 50 pounds each, the price per bale would range from $2.25 to $3.80.

Contractors also find that the smoother bales make for better wrapping, faster baling and lower costs per bale .

Dakota nodded and tossed up another bale , thinking.

Enough and to spare of bale is in thy speech.

Grabbing a pitch fork she shoved it into one bale breaking off chucks that she spread out between the three ever grateful recipients.

He buys in round bales of straw at £8 delivered per bale for all of his bedding.

However straw and good quality hay are a different story with good hay making up to and over E28 a round bale while square bales of straw are fetching E2.40.

I have known too much of bale by this child-bearing.

I told her, grasping another bale and heading back to the truck.

I'd missed the sheep, though the winning decorated hay bale was disguised as such.

In earlier days great Carthage suffered bale .

Instead, forage produced on spray fields has frequently been viewed as a liability with infrequent harvests; baled forage is often left on the landscape to decay.

It's a wee bit more expensive per bale than shavings but it is, according to the bumf, four times more absorbent.

Let now your bliss be turned into bale .

Macra has also put together a whole host of novelty competitions and farm skills displays, from sheaf tossing to round bale rolling.

Middendorf says the wrapped bales contain 600 pounds of dry matter and are worth $25 per bale .

Mr Miller is believed to have gone over to speak to Mr Holt, who was loading 40 bales of compressed cardboard onto a trailer with another worker.

No matter how good your hay is today, between now and feeding time, every rain, every windstorm, is going to steal nutrients from every exposed bale and stack.

On a farm with cows, pigs, horses and sheep, Jaime spent her childhood baling hay and practicing gymnastics in a converted barn.

On the other hand, if you want to plow a field, bale hay, pull stumps or exchange implements with neighbors, you'll need a more powerful machine.

Other activities include a John Deere trike and tractor farm, petting zoo, and hay bale maze.

Shayne was at the top of the haystack and handed down bale by bale to Blake, who handed it to Patrick, who handed it to me.

Some the size of mountains, some the size of hay bale .

The 11.9-micron bale of wool was bought by the HYX Group at auction in Sydney for $675,000.

The sheepherder went over to his storage hut and brought out one bale of wool.

This may mean placing each bale 20 feet or more away from the neighboring bales.

Top cotton yields this year reached three bales - or about 1,500 pounds - per acre, Latham said, with 45,000 acres planted.

With each lurch of the truck another flaming bale toppled off, coming to a flaming halt on the road or igniting the grass at its shoulder.

With practiced ease, Tundra picked another bale of hay off the pile.

Young firebugs twice set fire to a one tonne bale of hay close to homes in Heysham.