Example Of associatio

a bog association containing ericaceous plants

A guiding principle of any free society is voluntary association .

A seminar, sponsored by Ballinrobe Credit Union, in association with AWARE, was held recently in Ballinrobe Community School.

AIDS has a strong association with taking drugs

an association agreement between Bulgaria and the EU

business association

cases of cancer found in association with colitis

Close interaction with those in tinsel town has helped several association members secure jobs.

Fondly recalling their association with Cooper, many of the exhibitors said that her love for dogs was ‘amazing’ and she had a mature eye for them.

he developed a close association with the university

he had a very early association with drugs

In association with the Bertie Bowl project, the new government has also pledged to build extra facilities, both locally and nationally, which will serve the needs of sporting bodies.

In association with the Environmental Section of Limerick County Council we will be organising a parish clean-up shortly.

In association with the industry and Enterprise Ireland, he had commissioned a study of the dairy processing sector.

In association with the Midland Health Board they are currently running a new day care service for people with dementia.

In the end, association members have learned a valuable - though tough - lesson in how it does business.

Membership is up, we had a banner year for scholarship and research donations, and more active participation from association members has been realized.

national association

Other than that, there is no association between the two companies.

parents' association

publishers' association

she had a long association with the party

Slovenia signed association agreements with the European Union

staff association

Such structures appear to promote tight water association through internal hydrogen bonding.

the association of alchemy with “hieroglyphics” and “cabala.”

The book highlights useful association of HPC and presence of coliform count in drinking water and indepth analysis of the two tests.

The close association allows these molecules to interact through opposing charged groups.

The council is organising similar events in association with residents' associations, at estates around the town.

The film is due to be previewed to those involved in its production, and association members, before being shown to townspeople and released to travel operators and film and television companies.

The plates of the guests were never less than half-full and yet association members were concerned that people did not have enough to eat.

The presence of this association at low latitudes has received no attention.

The present statistic assesses this association between QTL and trait sets for the whole data set.

the program was promoted in association with the Department of Music

the two countries had a close association with each other

there's no association between the two companies

These are people who are, obviously, acquiring their most popular and useful apparel items through a promotional connection to their company or association .

to be a member of an association

to have an association with sb

to join an association

To keep Ukrainian traditions alive, some association members have organised courses of Ukrainian embroidery and Easter egg painting for the younger generation.

to make an association between things

we were guilty by association