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Definition Of plaint


an accusation; a charge.

There was only one plaint in the District Court but two appeals in the Court of Appeal.

Example Of plaint

  • I elegantly e-mailed the company, who sent back a ‘dear occupant’ type response assuring it's ‘aware of the varied taste preferences and dietary needs of our consumers,’ but not specifically addressing any point, plaint or plea.

  • In the absence of a formal plaint there is no legal basis to press further charges.

  • Like most of the songs on this collection, it takes the hallowed plaints of ordinary folks and infuses them with a pure spiritual simplicity that a great deal of more exalted religious music never manages to attain.

  • Prosecutors offered no comment, but their plaint reveals their views: ‘The heart of Greenpeace's mission,’ it claims, ‘is the violation of the law.’

  • Secondly, no plaintiff has agreed to withdraw his plaint .

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