jeremiad Meaning in Urdu

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Definition Of jeremiad


a long, mournful complaint or lamentation; a list of woes.

I am saddened to add my jeremiad to the list of protestations at your coverage.

Example Of jeremiad

  • All of the above were duly cited, along with appropriate jeremiads about ‘we have become like Sodom.’

  • Any effort to exorcise these tendencies from the outside is, therefore, futile; it only gives rise to moralistic sermons and rhetorical jeremiads .

  • But their antiintellectual jeremiads , not the professors they vilify, are the real threat to academic freedom today.

  • Eminem may fit into that tradition of lyrical catharsis and boulevard jeremiads , but he certainly didn't create it.

  • Graff assembles other quotations in the same vein, and goes on to add, wryly, ‘The funny thing, of course, is that those jeremiads were right.’

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