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Definition Of immanent


existing or operating within; inherent.

the protection of liberties is immanent in constitutional arrangements

Example Of immanent

  • A better starting point would be a theory which stresses the immanent nature of conflict within discourse, something akin to the work of Mikhail Bakhtin.

  • According to her, the radical feminists worship an immanent deity in the form of a goddess or some other human construct.

  • Although this political dimension remained immanent in the Manifesto, it would not be long before it asserted itself, and henceforth the history of the movement would need to be considered in relation to its political position.

  • And that mind is immanent in matter, which is partly inside the body - but also partly ‘outside,’ e.g., in the form of records, traces, and perceptibles.

  • As a coexistence of opposites, the sacred is immanent in pure awareness, the ground of language and thought.

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