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(of a word) reproducing a natural sound (e.g., fizz ) or pronounced in a way that is thought to correspond to the appearance or character of the object or action described (e.g., blob ).

The number of imitative words in any language is bound to be quite small, and for many such words the sound-meaning relation is by no means direct.

copying or following a model or example.

the derring-do of our film heroes inspired us to imitative feats

Example Of imitative

  • All art, all thought (for as Clausewitz himself expressed it, all thought is art), was a creative activity, not an imitative or derivative one.

  • All available evidence suggests that ontogenetic ritualization, not imitative learning, is responsible for chimpanzees' acquisition of communicative gestures.

  • And with that simple revelation somehow all art was transformed from the imitative and derivative to the wholly substantive.

  • ‘I was being literally imitative and derivative’.

  • Barring the work of a few painters, most of the modern art in this country is blatantly imitative , but we still have a problem awarding crafts the recognition given to the arts.

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