Definition Of imaginary


(of a number or quantity) expressed in terms of the square root of a negative number (usually the square root of -1, represented by i or j ).

What was most perplexing was that in using these subtle and imaginary numbers it was possible to solve cubic equations.

existing only in the imagination.

Chris had imaginary conversations with her

Example Of imaginary

  • Don't get into obeying imaginary voices in your head or anything daft like that.

  • Even though I am in a happy relationship I plan on purchasing two imaginary girlfriends in the near future so that I can imaginarily cheat on one of them.

  • Fears of vote-tampering and vote suppression are far from exaggerated or imaginary .

  • For him, of course, a crucial analytical sleight of words is needed to disentangle this collapse of the symbolic ego ideal and the ideal ego fixed on the imaginarily loaded object.

  • He invented imaginary worlds in which he was the king, and everyone had obey him.

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