Definition Of illumination



these books form the most sustained analysis and illumination of the subject

lighting or light.

higher levels of illumination are needed for reading

the art of illuminating a manuscript.

The portrait miniature seems to be a development of two older traditions: the medieval illumination of manuscripts and the Renaissance portrait medal, which was itself a revival of a classical form.

Example Of illumination

  • A third of the light generated by street illumination goes straight upwards, which is a terrible waste and of no benefit to anybody.

  • Above our table were small, hanging lights whose subtle illumination was overpowered by the streetlights, a reminder of the restaurant's location.

  • An entire show had been cancelled and the theatre hall spruced up with translucent blue illumination and coloured-halogen lights that danced to the music on smoke screens.

  • And then, with our mind made impassible and spiritual, we shall participate in a spiritual illumination from him, and in a union that transcends our mental faculties.

  • Before his illumination , Rousseau's thoughts had turned incessantly upon his relation to his fellow men.

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