ill-starred Meaning in Urdu


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Definition Of ill-starred


destined to fail or have many difficulties; unlucky.

an ill-starred expedition

Example Of ill-starred

  • After King Charles VIII's ill-starred invasion of Italy, survivors of his guard settled in a remote village in the north of the peninsula where, to this day, the inhabitants wear tartan.

  • Almost 5000 Allied troops died that day, and Capa, the ill-starred gambler, was fortunate not to be among the dead.

  • During his ultimately ill-starred tenure in Manchester, Brandon's only achievement of note was taking Britain's best-supported side to the play-off semi-finals.

  • Ever since Atlanta's ill-starred Olympics of 1996, it has been accepted that good transport is the key to every major sporting event.

  • From memory, the ill-starred City Life also began with someone being dispatched by a road accident, in which core characters connected to him were involved.

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