Definition Of ill-natured


bad-tempered or mean-spirited.

The ill-natured Marx, the venomous Lenin, the murderous Stalin all had a deep-seated loathing of all those who disagreed with them.

Example Of ill-natured

  • A fascinating variant appeared fifteen years later in The Vermont Anti-Masonic Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1831: ‘Poor fences make lean cattle and ill-natured neighbors’.

  • A fifth lion, rearing up on its hind legs, prepares to attack an unsuspecting but seemingly ill-natured winged griffin seated stiffly on its haunches.

  • ‘Har har har,’ Cam retorted ill-naturedly , ‘I've never seen you so quick to get possessive over someone.’

  • ‘The way you're holding that bow, it couldn't do much damage anyway,’ came his reply to my ill-natured question.

  • Callan was brought to ill-natured life by actor Edward Woodward, who added a complex moral dimension to the hard-bitten killer, whose life on the edge of society leaves him little room for a personal life.

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