ill-behaved Meaning in Urdu

بد سلوک

Synonyms Of ill-behaved

Definition Of ill-behaved


behaving badly.

the most ill-behaved lot of kids and pets you've ever seen

Example Of ill-behaved

  • And his predicament is making life a misery for his identical twin brother Mark, who is finding it more and more difficult to persuade publicans he is not his ill-behaved brother.

  • For a start, there is the disruption to other children in school who suffer from the disturbances caused by ill-behaved pupils and who take up more and more of the teachers' time.

  • My own view is that people are ill-behaved when drunk because they know that there are no effective punishments for serious crimes like stabbing assaults let alone minor vandalism.

  • That they disintegrated to an ill-behaved rabble, with senior players in open dissent, was unforgivable.

  • The end result is that Zachery is now suspended from playing anything on the computer for the next three days (or longer, if he is ill-behaved anymore).

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