Definition Of ill-advised


unwise or imprudent.

you would be ill-advised to go on your own

Example Of ill-advised

  • Despite her professed intent, Barbara is more successful in documenting her own growing obsession with Sheba than Sheba's ill-advised amour.

  • Even if, like Harold Wilson in 1974-76, he had already decided to step down, he would be ill-advised to announce this before the eleventh hour.

  • He decided to curb his alcohol consumption and ill-advisedly he turned to the heavy use of cannabis.

  • How do you prove that a person has acted in a particular way because of another's race, gender or whatever, unless the perpetrator has been ill-advised enough to say so?

  • However, when purchasing cloves - and they're readily available in most supermarkets and food shops - you will be ill-advised to buy the ground variety.

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