Definition Of ignoble


not honorable in character or purpose.

ignoble feelings of intense jealousy

of humble origin or social status.

ignoble savages

Example Of ignoble

  • A combination of Julius Caesar, Bertold Brecht, Benito Mussolini and Huey Long biopic it is a masterful novel, an in depth portrait of the struggles even ignoble politicians face and a meditation on the price of politics.

  • All it requires is following the example of some of their more ignoble predecessors - the Dixiecrats.

  • All right, Tarzan has no black characters, not even servants, neither noble nor ignoble savages.

  • But perhaps not: a victim is not necessarily ignoble or contemptible, except in the racist terms of others.

  • But the elevated, even chivalric, tone in which it is being conducted scarcely even masks its onesided and ignoble purpose.

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