idolatrous Meaning in Urdu


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Definition Of idolatrous


worshiping idols.

the idolatrous peasantry

Example Of idolatrous

  • And because we too are tempted, sometimes we unfortunately offer idolatrous sports fans nothing but another form of idolatry when we scold in the name of Christianity.

  • As it has done on four prior occasions, the Senate should shelve this most dangerous and idolatrous assault on our civil and religious liberties.

  • But it's also no surprise that he reserves the most lingering, even idolatrous close-ups for himself, engorging the frame with his handsome visage.

  • Certain people, particularly those who have an almost idolatrous view of human reason, will reject this concept outright.

  • Folk Songs respected its sources, but it was not idolatrous of them.

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