idiomatic Meaning in Urdu


Definition Of idiomatic


appropriate to the style of art or music associated with a particular period, individual, or group.

a short Bach piece containing lots of idiomatic motifs

using, containing, or denoting expressions that are natural to a native speaker.

distinctive idiomatic dialogue

Example Of idiomatic

  • A common antebellum designation for the country, these United States survived in the 20th century in folksy idiomatic usage.

  • All three movements of approximately equal duration are flowing, expressive and full of idiomatic pianistic gestures and an individual harmonic and textural syntax within a broadly neo-classical frame.

  • And the main difference I think between freely improvised music and the musics you quoted is, that they are idiomatic and freely improvised music isn't.

  • And when we get to the difference between being in town and being on campus, or for that matter the difference between being in time and being on time, we're pretty clearly in the realm of idiomatic phrasal patterns.

  • Aside from this special interpretation of parallel modification, English seems to be deficient in easy or idiomatic ways to talk about the properties of relations as distinct from the properties of the items related.

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