identifier Meaning in Urdu

شناخت کنندہ۔

Synonyms Of identifier

Definition Of identifier


a person or thing that identifies something.

the new number is to be known as the “unique patient identifier.”

Example Of identifier

  • A verification process for release of autografts should use two unique patient identifiers to ensure that the correct procedure, site, position, and implants are used for the correct patient.

  • All responses were anonymous and linked to individual respondents through a unique identifier , where only independent research assistants were able to match identifiers to students.

  • Also, some dependencies might not have filenames but are abstract identifiers that might be provided by any number of alternative packages.

  • Because member numbers can change, the date of birth is a unique identifier used to confirm that we are accessing the correct account and to eliminate duplicate subscriptions.

  • By necessity, this survey is anonymous, with no unique identifiers at all.

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