ideality Meaning in Urdu


Synonyms Of ideality

Definition Of ideality

the state or quality of being ideal.

the ideality of the island of Aran

Example Of ideality

  • At its worst, the exhibition muddied such sociological pronouncements with a problematic celebration of beauty, ideality and essential femininity.

  • But whilst Sidney may ground the truth of poetry in its ideality , he maps its territory as a profession between the truthful generalities of the philosopher and the useful particularities of the historian.

  • Dialogue was hailed the master key to unravel the mystery and considered a stairway to a higher level of ideality .

  • Formal possibilities, qua formal, are indefinite and the vast array of this multitude of possibilities can be considered in their pure ideality .

  • He would have ‘seen’ the very spatiality of the visible, the real which precedes all reality, all forms, all truth of particular sensations or constructed idealities .

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