Definition Of hesitation


the action of pausing or hesitating before saying or doing something.

she answered without hesitation

Example Of hesitation

  • Accompanying the installation is a soundtrack of hesitations created by the artist, who has lifted them from a speech given by the father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer.

  • After many hesitations and interruptions, Otello was finally performed at La Scala in February 1887.

  • And, however accurate, such transcripts are never complete, neither indicating the tone in which answers were given, nor the speakers' hesitations , pauses or accompanying gestures.

  • Apart from slight hesitations and minor delays from the cinematographer (much to everyone's amusement) they left an indelible impression.

  • At the end of the six-week period, students were expected to demonstrate an ability to perform all assigned pieces, including all musical elements, without stops or hesitations .

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