Definition Of handicap


a condition that markedly restricts a person's ability to function physically, mentally, or socially.

Believed to be a handicap , this mental condition is often misunderstood and it is hoped that mainstream films like this one will draw public attention to it.

act as an impediment to.

lack of funding has handicapped the development of research

Example Of handicap

  • a criminal conviction is a handicap and a label that may stick forever

  • A lot of weekend practise saw Trevor bounce back to form, also beating his handicap on a day when the poor greens proved too difficult for most of the field.

  • Although Bodfari Signet has been beaten four times since his last success, he is gradually slipping down the handicap .

  • Although there are many higher levels on which rebirth can be achieved, they are potentially a handicap to spiritual progress.

  • Although there was nothing to prevent him from practising surgery, the biggest handicap was the unavailability of basic infrastructural facilities.

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