Definition Of gripe


(of a ship) turn to face the wind in spite of the helm.

I had occasion to observe the vessel griped to windward considerably.

a complaint, especially a trivial one.

his biggest gripe is that he has lost his sense of privacy

affect with gastric or intestinal pain.

it gripes my belly like a green apple

an act of grasping tightly.

Do we know that there is a possibility, on any terms, of unclasping the firm gripe of this little Hand, which was laid upon me before I came into the world?

express a complaint or grumble about something, especially something trivial.

they gripe about the busywork

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Example Of gripe

  • Andres was suffering from gripe and sinus problems for a couple weeks.

  • Apart from English gripes about the weather, the main source of criticism was the cost of holidaying in Scotland, with one in three continental tourists complaining about value for money.

  • At present my biggest gripe is the lack of facilities.

  • ‘Everything was fine until you walked in,’ he griped some, before turning back to the communications panel.

  • Because his teammates got their share of shots, no one griped under their breath about the number Iverson took.

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